How to Use Cricut Infusible Ink Printer: A Beginner’s Guide

With passing time, the world has become advanced in various categories. Now people have lots of options for bringing change in their style. With the use of amazing machines and materials, now you can design many items of your choice.

In this post, we talk about the infusible ink printer through which you can style your material. In the mechanisms of the product, dry ink is transferred onto the material by applying heat. Circuit infusible ink transfer sheets are made of dry solid ink.

The product also requires other items for the completion of the design. It is a fantastic way of giving individual style to your materials. The process of infusing ink is usually suitable for small projects. So to learn more about the infusible ink printer, you need to understand this topic thoroughly.

Infusible Ink Printer

It is the process of infusing dry solid ink onto your medium material in the presence of heat with the availability of specific items. The circuit infusible ink technique revolved around heating the ink that changed it directly into the gas molecules. These molecules are attached firmly with polyester fabric. After this color of ink gets cool and becomes a permanent part of the fabric.

With this product, you can design your shirts, bags, covers, etc. It is a transfer sheet that puts ink colors onto the selected item. The results of circuit infusible ink are 100% permanent. The effect of the infusible ink is long-lasting without any cracking, flaking, and peeling. Your art on the fabric explores bright colors with an attractive look.

Infusible ink is not suitable for cotton shirts; it only applies to polyester shirts or polymer materials.

Moreover, for making a distinctive style, you can also use infusible pens that have different colors. So through the infusible pens and markers, you can write and design anything on your shirts. The infusible ink, an inexpensive product, enables you to create new designs for small projects by giving professional touch.

The Procedure of Using An Infusible Ink Circuit

Using Infusible Ink Printer

Utilizing infusible circuit ink is simple, and one can easily customize anything of their selected materials. Infusible ink product is available in beautiful packaging. On opening the package of infusible ink circuits, you can find white butcher paper and a transfer sheet. So by the use of the infusible ink circuit, one can create stunning designs on their fabrics.

  1. The specific material required for completing your small projects involves white butcher paper, some transfer sheet, circuit easy press, polyester shirt, lint roller, and the cutting machine.
  2. Before starting the procedure, firstly, choose the material and the created design that you want. For this purpose, you can use pens or markers for text writing. To give a unique look, cut infusible ink transfer sheets by utilizing the circuit cutting machine for making a new design.
  3. Then use the heat for transferring the design on the blank. So always prefer easy Press 2 for the required results, and to shift the design, keep the heat source at 390F for 60 seconds. So after following the above procedure, you can complete your project.

Tips and Tricks                                           

Infusible ink product is the simplest way of creating handmade design with permanent results. It is the easiest way of developing a new style. So to work on this product, you need to consider essential tips and tricks that help bring stunning outcomes onto your material.

  • Infusible ink circuits contain a limited number of solid colors and patterns. So to enhance your design, you need to customize them by the weeding and cutting mechanism.
  • Always prefer the circuit easy press dual machines for acquiring the perfect touch of your project because it gets hot soon than the easy press one and gives results on time.
  • Another point to attain vibrant colors on your material is the use of white butcher paper. In the case of other colors, infusible ink products give zero effect.
  • Tries to make ink design according to the size of the heating plate, otherwise easy presser machine not be able to heat the ink design evenly. So stop the design from going bigger.
  • When using an infusible ink marker, consider the laser printer paper because they provide actual results compared to the inkjet papers.
  • Keep the pressure of the easy press machine at zero level when you are cutting the design. For this purpose, adjust the easy press machine to maintain the stability factor.
  • For acquiring ideal results of your design, focus on the extra tools like the lint roller. Through the lint roller, you can ultimately make clean and thread-free fabric items before infusion of the ink.
  • During the selection of infusible ink circuit, remember that the colors shown on the packaging are not precisely what you obtain after infusing ink. These are a little brighter after transferring onto the polyester fabric.
  • To secure your t-shirts designs for a longer time, wash them in cold water using the bit detergent. Never use bleach, fabric softener, or dryer sheet.

What is the difference between sublimation printing and infusible circuit ink?

With the increasing use of circuit infusible ink, many questions arise from the customers. In which the most asked point is the resemblance of both procedures. Here we are discussing some points that are confusing between the circuit infusible ink and sublimation printing.

  • For transferring the design circuit, infusible ink requires a cutting machine, while in the case of sublimation printing, there is a need for a specific printer.
  • In sublimation printing, you have a variety of options for coloring the fabric. But in the infusible ink circuit, you find a limited number of transfer sheets pattern designs and colors already printed.
  • In the circuit infusible ink, you can work on small projects, but sublimation printing involves all kinds of projects.

These are some points that can clear your confusion to take sublimation printing and infusible circuit ink.

Wrapping up!

An infusible ink printer is a suitable option for giving your professional art a superficially exquisite touch. Through infusible products, you can make designs on your polyester shirt, covers, tote bags. The process of usage is based on simple steps and requires affordable machine and material. After infusing the ink on t-shirts, it becomes permanent of fabric and free of all kinds of peeling, cracking with the element of waterproof.

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