Top 5 Best Sublimation Inkjet Printer Reviews 2022

Sublimation is a technology that prints your desired graphics on paper cards, shirts, sweaters, coffee mugs, polyester bags, cushions, pillows, towels, and table coasters, etc. For this purpose, the user needs sublimation printers to design your favorite products with a particular print or graphics. Hence, you can sublime your products at home with a high-configuration inkjet printer. By using the Sublimation Inkjet Printer, you can design and sell sublime products or offer the services for people to set up your business.

Sublimation Technology enables the printer to turn the solid ink directly into a chemical gas. Standard procedure, Sublimation in the textile industry is a process that needs the help of Sublimation Printing Machines. The multiple sprayers spray the ink on the object, and heating components turn the solid ink into colored steam. Precisely, the picture gets printed on the patterns of selected designs or graphics. Hence the Sublimation printers are available in the market. We suggest you the 5 Best Inkjet Printers with Sublimation to design your surroundings.

Best Inkjet Printer with Sublimation (Our Top 3 Picks)

Here we mention the 3 Best Inkjet Printers with Sublimation. Depending upon the Sublimation printer reviews from experts

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-7820
Epson WorkForce Pro WF-7820
  • Excellent Connectivity
  • Latest Dry ink
  • High-Quality Service
  • ADF Technology
Canon SELPHY CP1300
Canon SELPHY CP1300
  • Portable Device
  • Selfie Expert Printer
  • Water-Resistant Photo
  • Photo Get Dry Instantly
Epson EcoTank ET-4760
Epson EcoTank ET-4760
  • Third Generation Printer
  • High-Quality Print
  • Auto Document Feeder
  • 150 Sheet Paper Tray

1. Epson WorkForce Pro WF-7820 – Sublimation Dye Printer

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-7820

Ascertain, you find a product that gives you the multiple functions in one product Epson WorkForce WF-7820 Sublimation Dye Printer is a correct choice. The product offers you the printing and scanning of graphics and images. Moreover, it enables the users to make multiple copies at one tap, and ADF feeds the document automatically. Indeed, the quality of the image is outstandingly professional and gives you high-quality graphics and illustrations.

High connectivity is the demand of this era, so; Epson WorkForce Pro WF-7820 enables multiple devices through wireless connections. Hence, Bluetooth gives high-speed connectivity for low energy. Moreover, the users can connect through Wi-Fi and their smartphones like Android and iOS for Sublimation printing. Due to high-speed connectivity, the users can have the desired graphic on their favorite product. 

The printer offers the Alexa voice command option and voice message receiving with the high-quality image and excellent graphics, making your work easy. With speed starting Epson printer, the professional sublimation expert offers double side print that gives you quality duplex printing. Being an advanced device, the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-7820 is a speed device that consumes your least time. Moreover, the product is the best pick due to its durability and reliability. 

Key Features

  • Latest printer
  • Large screen
  • ADF technology
  • High-quality service
  • Speed performance
  • Secure Data Erase

Due to the simple setup, the use is straightforward and effortless. Meanwhile, the product is efficient in all domains. As being the latest technology, heating is unnecessary for the Sublimation of the picture. The privacy matter most the Epson WorkForce erases all your Epson information after printing. You only keep the information when you command the printer to be safe. 

  • Uplex printing
  • Excellent connectivity
  • Reliability and durability
  • Friendly to all stuff
  • Latest Dry ink 
  • Runs out of stock soon

2. Canon SELPHY CP1300 – Wireless Sublimation Printer

Canon SELPHY CP1300

Today, Selfie printing on mugs, shirts, and pillows is adopted as a fashion. In contrast, sublimation printing is not an easy task because photo printing needs a power device to print the crystal clear selfie. If you want to print the selfies of yours or others, we suggest you the Canon Selphy CP 1300 Sublimation Ink Printer that enables you to print high-resolution photographs on the object. 

The suggested printer is a compact-sized printer that is highly compatible with smartphones and Wi-Fi devices. Canon Selphy is dry printing-based technology that allows your printed photos to dry instantly. The pictures we print through ordinary printers absorb water and spread colors, but the Canon Selphy CP 1300 offers water-resistant photos. Thus, your print lasts for long and does not get dull soon.

Selfies, family photos, or random clicks are the memories people capture to recall past events later. Inkjet printer with sublimation ink allows you to print the memories daily using objects like cushions, shirts, strollers, and mufflers. Canon Selphy CP 1300 enables its user to print memories on the desired mediums.

Key Features

  • Wireless device
  • Compact Printer
  • Photo Inkjet Printer
  • Dry Printing Technology
  • Alcohol-free
  • Photo get dry instantly
  • Water-resistant photo

For preserving a photo, the best option is to print it on a paper cassette. Nevertheless, printing on ordinary paper is comfortable with the Canon Selphy. Furthermore, with the compact power adapter, the printer holds compact space on your shelf and looks adorable due to its style and white color. Hence, the device is portable, so you can have it with you whenever you move. One of the compact and lightweight products enables you to change its place without help. 

  • Simple setup
  • Compact power adapter
  • Postcards paper cassette
  • Portable device
  • Selfie expert printer
  • Average ink consumption

3. Epson EcoTank ET-4760 – Sublimation Printing Machine

Epson EcoTank ET-4760

The Amazon Choice Epson Eco Tank ET-4760 offers a wireless Sublimation printing experience. That gives you reliable performance and massive production, which is essential to set up the Sublimation-based printing business. Without any hesitation, start your business with an advanced and wireless device that allows users to activate the voice command and reminders. The connectivity and durability are the key features that enable the printer to work on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth without wire. 

Such a decent Sublimation printer enables the users to print, scan and copy the document or graphics. Complementarily, you can receive and print the fax simultaneously. The automatic document feeding system (ADF) makes the Epson EcoTank Printer a unique and advanced printer. For the Sublimation, the essential thing is the high-quality performance that the Eco Tank offers. The Epson qualifies the rank in the best Sublimation Inkjet Printers with all these services at high resolution.

Users can give printing commands through the touch screen, a direct approach for printing papers for Sublimation. While printing, the major problem is the incomplete graphics due to running short of ink supply. Therefore, the high storage capacity for ink sorts out the problem and multiplies the production without errors. During Sublimation, the innovative printing system of the printer works efficiently and reduces the waste of cartridges.

Key Features

  • 150 sheet paper tray
  • Two-year warranty
  • Eco ink tank
  • Easy ink refilling
  • Third Generation printer
  • Wireless printer 
  • Auto Document Feeder

With the duplication of the graphics, the printer is considered one of the top sublimation inkjet printers that print the object from both sides. However, the quality is upgraded, and better production occurs. Moreover, the duplex technology highlights the goodness and beauty of colors and prints the improved graphics. In light of all the features, the Epson wide format sublimation printers are considered third-generation printers.

  • azon Choice
  • High-Quality Print
  • Outstanding color
  • Duplex Printing
  • Slightly noisy

4. Canon PIXMA TS6420 – All In One Wireless Printer

Canon PIXMA TS6420

A product that reduces your work is an excellent choice. With multiple functions, the Canon TS6420 printer offers printing and scanning services. Moreover, it helps the user to receive and send a fax through the built-in Wi-Fi connection. The demand for smartphone connectivity levels up in these sublimation inkjet printers, which are simple to set up and easy to use. In advance, the wireless status makes it more attractive in the sight of the users. 

As you get the speed and smart device for the sublimation work, you get the faster service of your printing work. Through the speed work, you submit a considerable amount of work and earn a good amount of money. A decent Black compact-sized printer occupies less space on your desk, looks trendy and stylish. Additionally, you can edit your design or a graphic by connecting your smartphone with it—affordable prices and multifunctional services make the Canon an efficient printing machine with the sublimation dye inkjet.

Whenever you buy a high-quality product, you will happily pay a high price for it. Still, when you have an opportunity to buy a high-quality product at standard prices, it is an irresistible choice. Hence, the Canon TS6420 inkjet Printer is in the race. The super-easy installation of drivers makes the printer the most favorite and prior product for the users. As you desire to buy some printer for sublimation printing, the device gives you extra services. You will be glad to do it like scanning, sending, and receiving fax services through one device.

Key Features

  • Updated inkjet printer
  • Sufficient performance
  • Black decent look
  • Easy to set up
  • Budget-Friendly

As Amazon Choice, the Sublimation ink Printer of Canon TS6420 is one of the best selling products that earn the best reviews of the buyers and rank with excellent feedback. Due to the fantastic features, the Canon TS6420 is considered durable, reliable, stylish, and worth for money Sublimation Printer. Due to excellent reviews and luxurious features, the buyer is attracted to the product.

  • Decent Black color
  • Smart Connectivity
  • Multifunction
  • Compact Design
  • Unclear instructional guide

5. Brother MFC-J6545DW – Hi-Speed With Accurate Results

Brother MFC-J6545DW

The Multifunctional Brother MFC-J6545DW Printer comes with a stock of one-year ink cartridges. The sublimation printer owns sufficient internal ink storage to replace the costly cartridges. With the INKvestment Tank color, the user enjoys the treat for a whole year. Through, the user delivers limitless and uninterrupted production. Yet, it is necessary to buy the primary colors of a particular dye for the Sublimation.  

Brother MFC printer is a versatile device, offers multiple services like printing, scanning, and sublimating pictures over different mediums. Moreover, it allows the users to receive and print faxes. With lots of functions, the printer gives a reliable quality of service. Furthermore, it enables you to feed documents automatically. The printer is effortless to set and simple to use for Sublimation.

Duplex printing is a feature that one appreciates about the Brother MFC. Your printer allows you to print the image or graphics on both sides of the paper through the element. Still, the programming and the installation of the drivers is a straightforward task to do. At a meager price, users get a feast for the Sublimation printing business or services.

The Brother printer’s intelligent system is high-speed and hi-tech. As the level of the ink drops, the printer automatically orders for delivery. However, you do not face any breakage or trouble while printing. For multiple uses, the printer comes with numerous guides like safety, installation, and setup guide. These codes and instructional guides make your work easy.

Key Features

  • Scan and Print graphics
  • Receive Fax
  • Wi-Fi Technology
  • Superfast performance
  • Duplex Printing
  • 2 Year Warranty

Compact design and durable products reduce the manipulative demand of the user. Such a product is considered Climate-friendly because it uses less energy and resources to give vast production. Moreover, parts are recyclable or can be assembled in other devices. Furthermore, the upgradeable printers might be used for an extended period. 

  • Climate Friendly
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Wireless Device
  • One year ink cartridges
  • Slightly sloppy paper tray

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Inkjet Printer For Sublimation

For the puzzle buyers, we submit the guide to select the ideal products from the online market. The best sublimation inkjet printer is the printer that is affordable for you and gives you appropriate services for your business.  By following the instructions, you can choose the most suitable product according to your requirement.


As we know, Sublimation is the process of subliming the graphic on some medium like paper or a Pena flex. However, the quality of your printer matters when you want to print some quality graphics. Having the best sublimation printer is not enough to do. You need to get the best and high-quality dye for your printer to get an excellent graphical image. In addition, compromising quality for any reason can eventually lead to significant damage.


Of course, whenever we try to purchase some products, we expect durability for lifetime use. Durability is the factor, for that we pay extra money or buy an expensive version of the product. Similarly, you must keep the element in mind when purchasing the durable and Best sublimation printer for some printing work. For that, you have to check the printer’s hardware material and working technology of working.


Moreover, you have to know how intelligent your device is before buying the product. Having a printer that uses less material but waist a lot must not be your priority. As we know, the printer mixes the portion of colored inks intelligently to print the perfect secondary color. Check that your printer combines a particular amount of ink. Otherwise, you might waste the expensive ink or dye due to inefficient devices. 


A sublimation printer that works on multimedia would be an intelligent choice. Therefore, check the efficiency of your printer if it connects you to print on multimedia. Like, paper, postcards, shirts, mugs, fibers, etc. Notify that sublimation printers work on 80% polyester fabric or fabric-coated products like flip-flops, coasters, cushions, and other fabric accessories.


The multi-function devices offer lots of services with the practical assistance of Sublimation. For instance, if you seek an inkjet printer for subliming your staff, you get free scanning and automatic document feeding features. Imagine you are getting exceptional services for the same price that is an outstanding product. Kindly, don’t wait and buy it now.  


We know the printers are output devices that print the information only. Usually, printers do not process data. Most printers get information from the CPU, Laptop, or Smartphone, etc. Initially, the devices connect with the data cables. Today, we see thousands of wireless printers and other machines in the market. For the smart choice, we need to check the connectivity. With high configuration and speed connectivity, you can acquire massive output.


Instead of a budget-friendly and value featured device, getting an expensive and highest quality device for no purpose is not an intelligent choice. The Pinter that is not affordable for you today, how would you maintain it over the horizon? So, make a budget first and check the options you have in your budget. However, you get the opportunity to select the best choice in your budget. And you will see the variety of the Sublimation Inkjet Printing Machines for factories and printers for homes.

FAQs About Best Sublimation Inkjet Printer

Can you use an inkjet printer for Sublimation?

Yes, you can use an inkjet printer for Sublimation. Usually, the inkjet printer uses ordinary printer ink, but the Sublimation process demands a particular sublimation dye. If you refill the ink container with the sublimation dye, you can use the printer for that purpose.

You cannot print the image directly on the piece of fabric. Therefore, print the flipped image on paper and then place it on the cloth—Iron the paper print on the fabric. The heat press will help the graphics to get printed on the piece of cloth. Notify that you can reuse the printer for ordinary inkjet printing by changing the ink.    

Can any Epson inkjet printer be used for Sublimation?

Yes, the Epson printers that own Piezo Print Technology can use them for Sublimation. Even a few printers come with a particular sublimation dye or ink, and some exceptional models like Epson F150, Epson 570, and Epson F10070H do not favor Sublimation.

Probably, all Epson WorkForce printers are customizable. You can transform the Sublimation Machine from the simple printer by simply putting sublimation ink and manual setting. 

Is dye sublimation better than an inkjet?

Yes, the dye sublimation gives better results than inkjet, but the inkjet works more efficiently in a few cases. For more durable print and high-quality graphics, you can rely on dye sublimation.

On the other hand, if you use sublimation ink, you can get a significant representation for the low cost. Comparatively, the installation of liquid ink in the inkjet of the sublimation printer is a messy job. But the dry ink technology of the Sublimation offers a neat and clean process of ink installation. 

Which Printers are best for Beginners?

The Epson is the cartridge-free all-in-one printer. Sublimation printing often needs bulk printing in a single action, and cartridges do not have enough ink to withstand the bulk printing. Therefore ET-15000 is one of the best Epson sublimation printers for establishing a printing business. It has an easy-to-fill huge ink tank that saves 90% of ink cost. On average, the ink replacement ink bottles last for 2 years and delivers the best prints till the last day.

Final Verdict

If you want us to review all the mentioned products for Sublimation, we will say all five are the best Sublimation Inkjet Printers that work so efficiently. But few of them can be considered the best printers—some for high specification, some for low cost, and some for high quality and performance. Here we mention the 3 Best Inkjet Printers with Sublimation. Depending upon the Sublimation printer reviews from experts;

  • Epson WorkForce Pro WF-7820: Best Pick Printer 
  • Canon Selphy CP 1300: Editors Choice Printer
  • Epson EcoTank ET-4760: Budget-Friendly Printer

Your best printer would be the printer that suits you most and is compatible with your current CPU or PC. So, select your product smartly and acquire the best output from the Sublimation Inkjet Printers.

What are you waiting for? Go and get your inkjet printer to sublime your product. Put your selfie on your coffee mug, design a meme on the t-shirt, and print your memories on the cushion. Enjoy your best sublimation inkjet printers and share the post with others if you want to appreciate the effort. Keep sending your feedback in the comment section, and your opinions are oxygen for us. Thank You!

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