10 Best Sublimation Printer For Beginners 2022

The latest fashion and business trend is flaunting your customized graphic printed shirts and advertising your newly established business using coffee mugs. Whether a pro-designer or a beginner, you can set up a printing business with an affordable sublimation printer. You can transfer your artwork or any graphics over ceramics, fabric, or paper material.

Best Sublimation Printer For Beginners

Sublimation printing involves transferring the dye into the fabric or printed material to become a permanent part of it. It sublimates the ink into a gaseous form, skipping the liquid state. Therefore, sublimation prints are durable and can withstand wash and excessive use irrespective of the print material. If you plan to advance in the printing business, you can find the Best Sublimation Printer For Beginners. We have enlisted sublimation printer best buy according to the expert’s review and personal experiences. Get ready to explore sublimation for beginners from best buys to buying guides and final expert recommendations.

Why do sublimation prints exist?

You’re probably familiar with numerous techniques for printing images and designs on different types of materials. Screen printing, embroidery, transfer vinyl, and direct-to-garment printing are a few alternatives. But what use does sublimation serve?

First of all, for a designer, sublimation printing offers a rare combination of cost, quality, and time savings, making it a desirable solution. Additionally, it is the greatest method for creating high-quality prints on any surface.

What will I need in order to begin using sublimation?

Starting with sublimation is much simpler than it seems! You may read more about our detailed instructions for starting a sublimation printing business below.

For more information, continue reading.

Paper for sublimation

Numerous different types of sublimation paper are available. I strongly suggest researching the A-SUB company! If you’re interested in learning more about our opinions on the matter, see our buyer’s guide for a sublimation paper (you can find it below the article).

Ink for sublimation

You will apply your chosen image to the appropriate material using this unique sublimation ink.

print with sublimation ink

You can either use a printer designed specifically for sublimation or modify an existing ink jet printer to support sublimation.

Heat exchange

Make sure the heat press you buy has the minimum size needed for the designs and transfers you plan to use it for. Pay attention; this is really important.

Software development

CorelDRAW is another top-notch design tool. It is not only effective but also easy to use as there is no ongoing subscription fee.

You need something to design your transfers with! The most popular option, Photoshop, comes with a variety of resources to get you started.

All there is to it is that! You might also require kraft paper to cover your workspace, heat-resistant gloves, heat-resistant tape, or glue. These are merely the absolute necessities to get going, though. It’s very easy to understand.

To make money, however, many inexperienced sublimation artists try to create personalized items like coasters, earrings, hang tags, keychain tags, and even cotton material. They don’t know where to begin, though. This is due to the abundance of information available from many sources. When employing the sublimation technique, selecting the right printer requires consideration of a number of factors, including ink costs, setup times, and print quality.

Difficult to print your Artwork and Achieve

Printing your artwork and getting the appropriate effects might be challenging. However, it is the Best Sublimation Printer for Newbies available. Thanks to sublimation printing, it is now feasible to print on fabric, cups, and other comparable materials. Your requirements have all been fulfilled. However, if you had a friendly sublimation printer, that would be ideal.

The Top Sublimation Printers Use an Original Technique

The best sublimation printers use a specific procedure that involves printing your artwork on unique paper and then heat transferring it to the fabric material. There are a lot of Sublimation printers available on the market. The Best Sublimation Printer for Beginners, on the other hand, is a list I’ve put together of the top ten inexpensive sublimation printers.

As a complete beginner, are you eager to purchase a sublimation printer or are you worried about finding one that is reasonably priced and produces prints of exceptional sublimation? For you, then, this essay was written! I’ll demonstrate the ideal beginner-level sublimation printer for you.

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This is the place to be: Regardless of ability level, I really believe that everyone can gain from this common basic article. Find the finest sublimation printer for beginners by starting with the reviews.

So let’s get started!

Colours may be transferred to a variety of fabrics and materials using the sublimation technique. A digital image is created using software like Photoshop, and it is then printed using specialised sublimation ink on a piece of chemically treated paper.

The digital print is then transferred to the transfer medium after that. Once heat and pressure are applied, the image will adhere to the polymers in the transfer materials. A form of direct thermal printing known as sublimation, it calls for the employment of heat-sensitive dyes and sublimation ink. Sublimation printing is used to create personalized gifts such as custom Easter blankets, mousepads, shoes, wine bags, artwork, pillow shams, and tote bags.

The Following are the Three Things you Need to Understand Before Purchasing a Sublimation Printing Machine

You must have a basic understanding of sublimation printing and printers.

We’ve listed a few tips you should know before purchasing your next sublimation printer below.

See them now!

1. A Cheap Option Is Dye Sublimation

Due to the diversity of equipment needed and the lengthy process, dye-sublimation printing has historically been expensive and intimidating. Without factoring in the expense of a heat press, the cost of the printers might be as high as $20,000.

Nowadays, the market has expanded to give people more options, and equipment costs have significantly decreased. Additionally, as technology has developed, sublimation has become much simpler and is now possible with the even higher printing quality.

Some of the most well-known brands in dye sublimation printing, including Mimaki, Mutoh, and Epson, now sell printers for $10,000 or less. And this investment will be more than worthwhile when you take dye sublimation printing’s potential for revenue into account. Epson is particularly well-known for making the best sublimation printer for beginners.

2. Numerous products can be printed

As previously mentioned, polyester and materials coated with polyester resin make excellent dye sublimation printing substrates. You can print on a wide range of materials because these printers are available in a number of sizes and forms, including:

  • Shirts, ties, and dresses
  • Swimming-related attire
  • containers for the hands

3. You’ll Need Additional Equipment

The dye sublimation technique entails a number of steps, however, they are simple if you have the following supplies:

As we discussed earlier, heat transfer is the primary factor.

The second option is a flatbed, which is recommended if you need to transfer onto anything solid. They work well for printing “all-over” designs on t-shirts as well.

The final type of press uses drums that are heated with oil or electricity and are made for soft signs, décor, and clothing. Calendar presses are excellent for printing in bulk.

Let’s quickly discuss the greatest advice and guidelines one should have prior to purchasing a sublimation printer before we go into the reviews of each sublimation printer we’ve produced for you as a beginner.

Reviews of the Top 10 Beginners’ Sublimation Printers

For those wishing to test a new sublimation printer for their sublimation business or hobby, here are the top 10 best sublimation printers for beginners and skilled sublimation crafters.

Epson EcoTank ET-15000 Wireless Color All-in-One Supertank Printer

Epson EcoTank ET-15000
  • Features: Wireless, Black 17 ISO ppm/ Color 9 ISO ppm
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Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Wireless Color All-in-One Supertank Printer

Epson EcoTank ET-2720
  • Features: Inkjet, HD-flatbed Scanner, Ten ppm
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WorkForce WF-7710 Wireless Wide-format Color Inkjet Printer

WorkForce WF-7710
  • Features: Inkjet, Auto-Duplex, USB & Wi-Fi
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WorkForce WF-7210 Wireless Wide-format Color Inkjet Printer

WorkForce WF-7210
  • Features: Auto-duplex, Wi-Fi, PrecsionCore Tec
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Canon Selphy CP1300 Compact Wireless Photo Printer with Mopria Device and AirPrint Printing

Canon Selphy CP1300
  • Features: LCD, Dye-Sublimation, USB, 16.8 million color resolution
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Epson EcoTank ET-2760 All-in-One Cartridge-Free Supertank Printer

Epson EcoTank ET-2760
  • Features: USB & Wi-Fi, Printer/Copier/Scanner
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Epson Workforce WF-2860 All-in-One Wireless Color Printer

Epson Workforce WF-2860
  • Features: Ethernet/USB/ Wi-fi, 1200 DPI, ADF
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Canon PIXMA G5020 SuperTank Printer Wireless MegaTank Single Function

Canon PIXMA G5020
  • Features:ISO 13.0 ppm (Black) & 6.8 ppm (Color), Wireless
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Canon PIXMA G6020 Wireless MegaTank All-in-One Printer

Canon PIXMA G6020
  • Features: 4 actions, Wireless, 600×600 pixels
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Canon G3200 All-In-One Wireless Supertank (MegaTank)

Canon G3200
  • Features: Auto-Photo Fix, 4800×1200 dpi
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1. Epson EcoTank ET-15000 – Color Printer

Epson EcoTank ET-15000

The Epson EcoTank ET-15000 Wireless Supertank Ethernet Printer is unmatched in sublimation printing because of its improved productivity, cost-effective output, and variety of connectivity options.

Among its characteristics, PrecisionCore Technology is one of my favourites. You will get exceptional performance from this top sublimation printer for beginners.

Epson ET-15000 is only 27.4 pounds heavy and is 22.7 x 17.6 x 13 inches. As a result, this product is quite portable.

It also uses a print chip with a higher density. It can therefore create up to 40 million precise dots every second. This, of course, illustrates the exceptional printing efficiency and accuracy of the Epson ET-15000.

You will pick Epson ET-15000 over other products on the market due to its fantastic value, which is yet another great benefit.

90% less sublimation ink will be consumed as a result.

The new bottle’s cheaper price is another perk. With the 2.7-inch colour touch screen, the prints may be customised, modified, and previewed.

You will choose Epson ET-15000 over other selections on the market because it is highly cost-effective, which is another fantastic benefit.

90% of the ink used for sublimation will be saved.

The new bottle’s cheaper price is an additional benefit. The 2.7-inch colour touch screen allows you to preview, edit, and personalise the prints.

What exactly are the Specifications and Features?

Here are some details and features of this printer that can be used for sublimation printing:

  • With inexpensive replacement bottles, you may cut your ink costs by up to 90%.
  • Cartridge-Free Printing is possible with the EcoTank ET-15000 wireless all-in-one, which has easy-to-fill supersized ink tanks.
  • With this 4-in-1 with wireless Wi-Fi and Ethernet, you can print, copy, scan, and fax.
  • 17 ISO pages per minute for black; 9 ISO pages per minute for colour.

Epson EcoTank ET-15000 – Overview

The Epson is a cartridge-free all-in-one printer. Sublimation printing often needs bulk printing in a single action, and cartridges do not have enough ink to withstand the bulk printing. Therefore ET-15000 is one of the best Epson sublimation printers for establishing a printing business. It has an easy-to-fill huge ink tank that saves 90% of ink cost. On average, the ink replacement ink bottles last for 2 years and deliver the best prints till the last day.

Further, the model is a printer and a functional scanner, fax, and copier at a time. You don’t need different devices to capture the graphics and transfer them to the desired material. Instead, the practical and high-resolution scanner is precise for transforming the designs into dye prints.

The Epson Eco-tank 15000 has wireless connectivity and is highly compatible with most Operating Systems, including Mac, Android, and Windows. Moreover, the 250-sheet paper capacity with front and rear paper feeding trays make it a hassle-free printer.

Besides zero wastage of ink due to cartridge, it also has an auto dual side printing feature to reduce the cost per print. Each ink tank filling is equivalent to 80 cartridges; therefore, the Eco-tank is an ultimate choice for beginners in sublimation printing.

The Epson Eco-tank 15000 is a high-tech sublimation for beginners. Moreover, the cartridge-free ink-tank is also environmentally friendly and contributes to the least plastic waste. Therefore, it’s the best choice for sublimation printing on t-shirts and other fabrics.

  • Low-cost ink replacements
  • Versatile paper size printing
  • Hassle-free and zero waste high yielding ink bottles
  • Precision Core Heat-free HD prints
  • Unprofessional and low-quality ink replacement transforms bad prints
  • Customer care delays support


With its superb and sophisticated voice-activated printing features that are compatible with hands-free and environmentally friendly printing, Epson ET-15000 will surprise you and help you save time, money, and sublimation inks. All of these elements will boost your abilities and productivity as a novice. Additionally, there won’t be any waste from this printer

2. Epson EcoTank ET-2720 – Wireless Color All-in-One Supertank Printer

Epson EcoTank ET-2720

All printers do not have the same features and attribute to entertain users. The greatest sublimation printer for their needs and budget will rely on how quickly and efficiently they need to perform. What printers are capable of sublimation conversion? Well, the Epson Ecotank 2720 printer is profitable for beginning a small business and perfect for transitioning to sublimation printing.

Zero-Cartridge Printing

It has every attribute that a sublimation printer ought to have. Its best feature is that it prints without cartridges. Up to 90% of the ink is saved using the included or replaceable ink bottles. a cutting-edge, all-in-one inkjet printer with accurate core technology.

Acquire Spectacular Color Photos

On any kind of paper, Majestic Print Quality’s Micro Piezo Heat-Free Technology creates sharp and beautiful colour photographs. Compared to using ink cartridges, refilling ink tanks can save you up to 90%.

As Many Copies as you can

One set of replacement ink bottles equals almost 90 distinct cartridges. You can simply print roughly 4,500 black text papers and 7,500 colours pages..COM


You may print wirelessly and voice-activated thanks to connectivity possibilities. Simple access from any location and time using a smart smartphone.

Colour Display and Scanner

You can carefully copy and scan the paper using a colour display and a high-resolution scanner.

Use only Epson Genuine Inks

Genuine Epson inks are suggested, in my opinion, for high-quality sublimation printing. As a result, other inks that could harm the printer are not designed for a particular printer.

Replacement and Warranty

Speaking about dependability, which comes with a 2-year limited warranty and the option of a whole unit replacement.

Epson EcoTank ET-2720 – Overview

Epson is the leader in printing appliance manufacturing. The latest technology and environmentally friendly setups with the lowest cost per print and low profile maintenance make it an affordable sublimation printer. ET-2720 model is equipped with advanced features and innovative technology.

For a beginner in the sublimation printing business, the basic essentiality is low-cost and reliable ink solutions. The super-sized eco-tanks have a ridiculous amount of ink and can print a crazy number of coloured and monochrome prints. Further, the printer is highly compatible with sublimation sheets. It supports variable sizes of paper, and the printing speed is impressive.

Multi-purpose printers can perform as a scanner, fax machines, printers, and copiers. Unique Micro Piezo Heat-Free system imprints durable and high-profile prints with vibrant colours and precise scaling. Moreover, the handling is easy and lets you experience almost 2 years of stress-free printing.

A family and business level printer from Epson is the best Epson sublimation printer. High resolutions and hassle-free cartridge-free ink-tank printers produce the most petite cost prints. The printer is not specific for the printing business but an ideal printer for personal and basic home needs.

  • Latest cartridge-free technology
  • High resolution and durable prints
  • Reduces the cartridge landfills
  • Easy to operate for beginners
  • Needs paper alignment
  • Eco-fit ink bottles often run out of stock

Final Thoughts

Fast, affordable, and simple to use describe the Ecotank ET 2720 sublimation printer. It is a unique EcoTank ET-2720 sublimation printer without cartridges that uses easily refillable ink tanks. When you run out of ink, you can simply replenish the ink bottles, which makes you feel relaxed and content. It is a cost-effective sublimation printer for a beginner because you can print on a range of papers at speeds of about 10.5 ppm for black text sheets and 5 ppm for colour prints. A suitable colour monitor and a high-resolution flatbed scanner were also included. This sublimation printer, among the many others available, is best for beginners in small offices and homes.

3. WorkForce WF-7710 – Best Inkjet Printer

The majority of Epson’s inkjet printers operate excellently whether you print on conventional paper or switch to a sublimation printer. They continue to produce at an excellent level. For this reason, more customers than any other brand opt to purchase Epson printers. The best sublimation printer that produces high-quality results for sublimation printing is Epson WorkForce WF-7710.

pson WorkForce WF-7710

Clearly Arranged Features

Features on this Epson WorkForce printer are robust and well-organized. With the help of PrecisionCore technology, borderless prints up to 13 x 19 inches may be produced quickly. It has a maximum resolution of 4800 x 2400 dpi and can print lovely photographs at that resolution. Colour pages print at a 10 PPM rate, whereas monochrome documents print at an 18 PPM rate. Black pages may be printed at a rate of 8.7 pages per minute, and colour pages at a rate of 6.0 pages per minute.

All-In-One Inkjet Printer

Wow! As another all-in-one Epson Inkjet printer, it can print, copy, and fax documents simultaneously and scan documents up to 11 x 17 inches. The scanner ADF functions flawlessly and quickly scan double-sided documents.

Two-Sided Printing

Duplex printing, or automatic printing on both sides with excellent picture quality, is possible with this sublimation printer.

Flexible Touchscreen

Additionally, it includes a 3.4-inch touch screen that is both responsive and well-made.

Two Trays

Regarding tray sheets, it includes a front paper tray with 250 sheet capacity, and another rear feed is provided to the user at the workplace or at home for printing specialised paper.

Large-Capacity Ink Cartridges

Epson suggests using its original ink to achieve consistently high-quality printing. High-volume ink cartridges are included for more extensive printing. Use original Epson cartridges to get precise prints for sublimation; if you refill them, the printing quality won’t be as good as you want. Because this printer employs pigment ink, the prints you receive will undoubtedly be of a high calibre and durability.

Printer With Voice Recognition

This voice-activated printer has many connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB 2.0, if we look at its further characteristics. You can choose to connect any of them, and printing will begin immediately. Android, MAC, Windows, iPad, iPhone, Tablets, and Smartphones may all be used with this printer.

WorkForce WF-7710: Performance Overview

Workforce printers are available in the market with a wide range of multiple features and sizes. Although the model WF-7710 is a wide format printer, it has a compact size and lightweight body. Therefore, you can easily reposition the printer anywhere you need it. The printer is the Best sublimation printer for beginners as low-profile handling and the latest user-friendly features.

The model has PrecisionCore technology that offers durable and borderless prints with HD resolutions. You can scan, print and copy with the same machine with several basic settings. Although the printer is not a direct sublimation printer, it can support versatile sublimation sheets and inks.

In a paper tray, the general capacity of paper sheets is 250 sheets per tray. At the same time, it can hold 20 sheets of photo paper(glossy/matte) and 10 envelopes. For bulk printing and business printing speed of printing determines the credibility of the printer. Therefore, Wf-7710 is the best printer for sublimation printing with a low cost per print. Still, print quality and printing speed are better than many other printers with similar specifications and prices.

The precision core powered WF-7710 is more than a Laser technology. Comprehensive border-less formats and economical printing are beneficial for a photography business.

  • Auto-2 side quick prints
  • Navigational Touch screen for quick actions
  • Compatible with smartphones and latest devices
  • Least compatible with Microsoft Edge Browser
  • Can’t handle pigmented ink

Final Thoughts

For larger sublimation printing projects, this broad format is perfect. Fantastic print quality and clear, precisely saturated sublimation transfer on treated ceramics and polyester clothing. Unlike other wide format Epson printers, this printer is simple to set up, doesn’t experience paper jams, and prints with much more explicit small text. Whether you are using sublimation ink or conventional ink, you must perform at least one print nozzle check every 3–4 days to make sure the ink doesn’t dry up on the heads. To anyone seeking an all-in-one home/office printer or wishing to sublimate, we heartily recommend it.

4. WorkForce WF-7210 – Best Wide-Format Inkjet Printer

WorkForce WF-7210 Wireless

Wide-format multipurpose printer for superb borderless results.

Unframed Prints

The Epson WorkForce WF-7210 wide-format sublimation printer is adaptable and produces outstanding, sharp, borderless colour prints.

Good Print Quality and Speed

Regarding printing speed, it can produce colourful prints at a rate of 10 PPM and black text pages at a rate of 18 PPM. With a resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi, this Epson WorkForce can print beautiful, precise colour images.

Deliver Beautiful Images

When printing photographs, produce excellent results as long as you use high-quality paper and ink; working prints can be produced using inexpensive “generic” inks. The Epson brand inks are still better for presentation and producing photos of a high calibre.

Make Use of Epson Brand Toner

Only Epson brand cartridges are compatible with this WorkForce Epson printer. It is not permissible to use any other brand’s ink, and even if you convert to another local brand forcibly, it might not work at all.

Two-Sided Printing

With duplex printing up to 11′′ x 17′′, this sublimation printer can print documents up to 13′′ x 19′′ and save time. With the help of PrecisionCore technology, this printer is able to print duplex documents quickly while also allowing you to save up to 50% on paper.

Two Trays

Dual trays, one of which holds 500 sheets, make it possible for users to print numerous pages quickly and comfortably. Additionally, it has a back feed slot for printing on speciality papers like envelopes and other oddball items. It implies that you can print on many print material types and with standard borderless printing.

A Simple Connection

This printer runs effectively without a computer, is simple to connect to a network, and supports a variety of smartphones and tablets. Any device may easily establish a wireless connection, and this printer also offers ethernet as another choice for communication.

More Amenities

With its 2.2-inch LCD and navigation keys, running the printer is made simple from any location. Without a doubt, you can profit from its additional functions in addition to sublimation printing.

This Epson workForce WF 7210 printer’s appearance makes it easy to place it anyplace in the home or workplace. Wide format sublimation is what it is.

Lower Power Consumption

Your office can accommodate the printer with ease. Compared to laser printers, this power-efficient workhorse printer uses roughly 80% less energy.

 WorkForce WF-7210 – Performance Overview

Versatile models of Epson Workforce printers are available for sublimation printing. Effective precsionCore technology in a wide range of inkjet printers prints 500 sheets with dual trays. However, WF-7210 is incompatible with Epson inks, but it can print variable sheets, including sublimation sheets and envelopes. 1

Further, 2.2-inch LCDs also display the printing and ink status with navigational commands. Advanced features like Wi-Fi connectivity and smartphone compatibility enhance the efficiency of the printer. Besides instant printing and low-cost printing, the quality of the photos is of photo-lab quality.

The printer is a cheap sublimation printer for high-end graphical and text printing on photo sheets or other print media.

Dash replenishment is a savior and automatically orders before running out of ink. So, you never run out of ink. Therefore, we recommend it for house needs and also small businesses.

The WF-7210 is an affordable sublimation printer with high-end features and premium quality printouts. Borderless printing feature is exceptional quality for marketing material printing, including banners and wide format sheets.

  • Photo lab quality prints
  • Durable and long-lasting results
  • Compact and stylish design befitted for any setup
  • Vibrant and original colors schemes
  • Copier and scanner are missing

Final Thoughts

I discovered that this printer is the fastest inkjet printer and the best for sublimation printing when I used it. Everything about this workgroup printer functions perfectly, from the package to the thoughtful installation procedure, the software, and all of the capabilities. Excellent print quality is present. It prints in large format is quiet and quick, and has a tonne of features. The conversion process for sublimation only requires a brief amount of time. This affordable inkjet printer has a tonne of functions because of this.

5. Canon SELPHY CP1300 Wireless Printer

The Reviewers’ Choice Canon Selphy CP1200 has been incrementally improved by the Canon Selphy CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer. This picture printer has new features such as a slightly bigger screen, a better user interface and search, and the ability to work with friends on collages over a Wi-Fi connection. The CP1300 inherits the Editors’ Choice award from the CP1200 and maintains the portability, variety of connection options, and high print quality of its predecessor.

Canon Selphy CP1300

Crisp Snaps, Vibrant Colors

My test prints had generally good to very good print quality. With vibrant colours that match favourably to the original work, the majority of the prints are equivalent to drugstore prints and, in some cases, even better. The few prints that fell short had considerable detail loss in the sections that were extremely dark or luminous. Six of the 20 test prints in my primary run were over par, 12 were on par, and two were below par.

A Multipurpose Portable Photo Printer

The print size, print quality, and connectivity options of the Canon Selphy CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer are unmatched by other portable small-format photo printers. It takes the position of the Canon Selphy CP1200 and adds a larger LCD and a few other convenience features while keeping the model’s good print quality, low cost per print, and variety of connection options. As a result, it is now our Editors’ Choice for small-format printing. The HP Sprocket 2nd Edition should be on your shortlist if you solely intend to print images from your smartphone and are content with prints that are large enough to fit in a wallet. The Canon Selphy CP1300 deserves a serious examination from anyone looking for a compact photo printer that can print photos larger than wallet size.

A Few Real-World (Worldwide) Tests

While looking for a small-format photo printer, I had the opportunity to select the Selphy CP1300 and use it for a short while. I was very impressed.

I was scheduled to accompany a photographic group on a trip to Jordan in November of last year, which included spending two days at a school for young Syrians who had been displaced by war. There, we would go on photo walks with them and instruct them in the fundamentals of photography. I chose to contribute a photo printer to the school in addition to providing two point-and-shoot cameras so that the students could really print out the photographs they had made. The specifications were: reasonable price, compact size (so I could easily pack it in my luggage), high print quality, large print size (at least 4 by 6 inches), and wireless printing from memory cards and PCs. Despite not having used the CP1300 myself, I had tested the Selphy 1200, the CP1300’s predecessor, and named it our Editors’ Choice for small-format photo printers in 2016. This made the CP1300 an obvious choice.

The printer made it through the journey without incident, although it did make a Jordanian customs official marvel how a thing so tiny could be a printer. I spent a few days in Egypt prior to travelling to Jordan, where I set up and tested the CP1300 in my hotel room in Cairo. It was intact after taking a tumble, and the test prints looked okay. While we were at the school, we didn’t get a chance to utilise it, but a volunteer had no issue setting it up for use in the future. When I returned to New York, I asked for a CP1300 review unit and used it to conduct the official testing described below.

Canon SELPHY CP1300 Wireless Printer – Overview

A modest 35 cents per 4- by 6-inch print is the cost per print based on Canon’s pricing and yield numbers for its 108-pack of consumables, which includes ink cartridges and paper. This cost is comparable to the current price for the CP1200, which uses the same paper.

The printer that produces high-quality prints that need no dry-out time is ideal for event photographers. Canon Selphy is a compact, portable and advanced printer that utilizes Dye-sublimation technology. Party shuffle allows group sharing and collaging of the snaps and customize print on a photo sheet.

The convenient to use dye-sublimation printer is one of the best sublimation printers for beginners. All you have to do is connect with a USB port, and Cannon app3 will allow you to print directly from the memory card. 3,2 inch LCD screen eases the navigation and status illustrations.

A battery pack with a compact and portable printer lets you bring it to the event site and print as many photos instantly as you want. The output tray capacity is 18 sheets of postcard size. Moreover, the images printed do not need extra time and can last up to 100 years with fine quality and vibrant colours. The Print resolution with 16.8 million colours and 256 levels per colour generates the best quality images.

The portable photo booth printer from Canon Selphy is a popular choice of event organizers and photographers. It also creates photo strips for guest gifting or memory collections.

  • Water-resistant, durable prints
  • Highly user-friendly setup for beginners
  • Navigational 3.2 inch screen for precise setup
  • Portable and compact
  • Bit costly prints but generates instant and durable photos


The Selphy CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer from Canon increases the size of its award-winning predecessor’s screen while maintaining its excellent print quality, affordable printing costs, and networking options.

6. Epson EcoTank ET-2760 Colour Printer

Under the ET-3760 and the Editors’ Choice ET-4760, the Epson EcoTank ET-2760 ($299.99) occupies a position roughly in the middle of the company’s array of newly announced bulk-ink all-in-one printers. The ET-2760 prints and copies nicely, much like the two more expensive AIOs, and it costs very little to operate. It lacks certain essential productivity functions, such as an automated document feeder (ADF) and Ethernet connectivity, and is a little slower than its more powerful brothers. However, the smaller ET-2760 costs substantially less if your family, home office, or micro business doesn’t need multipage scanning and copying, as well as the speed and capabilities of its higher-end siblings.

Epson EcoTank ET-2760

Small and Mighty

The ET-2760 is substantially smaller than its ET-4760 and ET-3760 brothers, measuring 9.4 by 14.8 by 13.7 inches (HWD) and weighing slightly more than 13 pounds. Additionally, it takes up significantly less desk space than a number of rival models, such as the Brother MFC-J805DW, HP’s OfficeJet Pro Premier, and Canon’s Pixma G6020. However, what you get from the smaller footprint comes at the expense of features, much like with the pricing.

As previously indicated, the ET-2760 lacks an ADF, so in order to scan and copy multipage documents, each page must be manually placed on the scanner platen, scanned, removed, and then the procedure is repeated for each additional page. With the exception of the Canon G6020, every rival model described here has an ADF. Those devices are excellent options if scanning and copying multipage documents are in your future.

A control panel made up of a set of navigation keys and a few other buttons (Home, Back, Copy, and Cancel) is used for walkup operations like making copies, scanning to or printing from the cloud, or printing from memory cards. The control panel is centred by a non-touch 1.4-inch colour display.

The four ink reservoir levels for determining the amount of ink available are also visible from the machine’s face.

Regarding paper handling, the ET-2760 has a single 100-sheet input tray that is loaded from the machine’s back and its paltry 30-print output tray. Up to 20 sheets of premium picture paper or 10 No. 10 envelopes can also fit in the input tray. The maximum monthly duty cycle is 1,500 prints, with a recommended print output of 10% of that. Borderless photographs up to 4 by 6 inches are supported. The lowest print volume of all the devices discussed here is that one.

Software, Mobile Solutions, and Connectivity

The connectivity of the ET-2760 is not as strong as that of its more expensive brothers. You receive Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct, and one USB 2.0 PC connection. The latter uses a peer-to-peer protocol to link mobile devices to the printer without having to connect either them or it to a local area network (LAN) or router.

Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Fire OS Support, Mopria Print Service, and Epson iPrint for iOS and Android round out the available mobile connectivity options. The iPrint app allows users to print directly from their mobile devices. Additionally, a port on the left side of the chassis, which is highlighted in red in the image below, allows you to print from several types of SD cards.

Not Great Print Speeds

For an entry-level AIO, the ET-2760 prints monochrome pages at a pace of 10.5 pages per minute (ppm) and colour pages at a rate of 5 ppm, which is acceptable but far from quick. From our typical Intel Core i5 testbed PC running Windows 10 Professional, I put it to the test over a USB connection. It produced our 12-page Microsoft Word text document at a speed of 8.9 pages per minute, which is 1.6 pages per minute slower than Epson’s rating.

That is 0.2ppm slower than Brother’s MFC-J805DW and nearly half as quick as its ET-4760 and ET-3760 siblings. On the other hand, the significantly more durable HP Premier finished more than 9ppm quicker.

I carried out more testing by printing our assortment of intricate colour Adobe Acrobat documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and graphs, and PowerPoint handouts with different business images and colourful fonts of various sizes. Following that, I added these results to the ones from printing the text document in the earlier test to arrive at a slightly sluggish score of 5ppm for producing our whole set of business documents.

My team also timed the ET-2760 as it printed two of our 4-by-6-inch test photos, and average the results, to assess its photo-printing capabilities. The ET-2760 achieved an average photo-processing time of 30 seconds, matching that of its more capable brothers, outperforming the MFC-J805DW by more than half, and trailing the Premier by 32 seconds.

Dependable Print Quality from Epson

When print quality is decent, slow print speeds are always more tolerable, and I haven’t recently experienced subpar output from an Epson AIO. The ET-2760 produces text with well-shaped characters, appealing individual character spacing, and elegant pair kerning that is very pleasing to the eye. Text on my test pages was clearly readable down to roughly 6 points, which is suitable for the majority of print jobs for the family and home offices.

On one of our more challenging-to-reproduce PowerPoint handouts with a dark green gradient that many printers we test have had issue handling, I only noticed very minor streaking.

Photos appeared good with accurate, rich colours and sharp details.

Epson EcoTank ET-2760 Colour Printer – Performance Overview

Business graphics also looked sharply defined, with gradients that seamlessly transitioned from hue to colour or tint to tint and solid fills free of banding and streaking.

An essential home needs or belonging to the art and crafting business at a trim level requires an all-in-one hassle-free printer. Usually, photo printing with printers is costly, but an affordable and low-cost per print generating printer from Epson leads the market. Epson Et- 2760 is also one of the best Epson sublimation printers. It has inkjet technology, but the Eco-tank and sublimation ink compatibility help generate low-cost and durable prints.

The best feature of the ET-2760 is the cartridge-free and innovative Eco-tank assembly in the model. High Capacity printing and hassle-free refilling reduce ink wastage and ensure 100% efficiency till the final print. Without compromising the colour display, ET-2760 generates the best results with vibrant colours and crisp graphics.

PrecisionCore technology using Claria ET pigment black ink generates fine and HD quality graphics prints. Further, a precise flat board scanner with dual-side auto feeding and photo saves your time and effort. With single ink filling in the Eco-tank, you can enjoy almost 2 years of hassle-free printing.

The latest model is one of the cheap sublimation printers in the market that generates low cost per print and therefore is a perfect choice for home use or trim level business. Supersized eco-tank reduces the yearly cost of printing to almost 80%.

  • Multi-purpose printer scanner, copier, and printer
  • Wireless connectivity for advanced functions
  • Low cost and affordable
  • Hassle-free ink-tank handling
  • No Alexa compatibility.
  • High initial cost.


A great addition to low-volume small workplaces is the Epson EcoTank ET-2760, an entry-level inkjet all-in-one printer that delivers a good output and is reasonably priced over time.

7. Epson Workforce WF-2860 – All-in-One Wireless Color Printer

Epson’s smallest and least costly entry-level business-oriented all-in-one (AIO) printer is the WorkForce WF-2860 All-in-One ($129.99). It prints rather quickly for its cost and produces exceptionally well-looking documents, much like the Editors’ Choice HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 All-in-One Printer, but its operating expenses are greater than those of several rivals in addition to the HP model. However, the Epson WF-2860’s high running expenses shouldn’t become too expensive if you use it as intended, which is for low-volume small or home offices and workgroups that print and copy a few hundred pages each month.

Epson Workforce WF-2860

Upgrade for the Third Generation

With the WF-2760 as its most recent predecessor, the Epson WF-2860 is the third generation of this small AIO focused on business. The new model is roughly an inch taller than the WF-2760, but weights the same at 14.6 pounds, measuring 10 by 19.8 by 16.4 inches (HWD). The HP 6978 is roughly 3 pounds less than the WF-2860, but it is about an inch larger overall. On the other hand, one of our favourite AIOs and a little bit more expensive Canon Maxify MB2720 Wireless Home Office All-in-One Printer is a little bit taller and longer and weighs an extra 11 pounds.

Multipurpose Connectivity

The WF-2860’s rather extensive range of connectivity choices is one of its more appealing features. Of course, you get the essentials. Ethernet (wired) networking, Wi-Fi (wireless), USB connections to a single PC, and two network-free wireless, or peer-to-peer, networking protocols that don’t require a router are all supported. Additionally, a number of clouds, network, and internet services are accessible and can be customised via the AIO’s built-in services website. These services include Epson Connect, Apple AirPrint Setup, DNS/Proxy Setup, and Google Cloud Print. Epson Email Print, Epson Remote Print, Epson Scan to Cloud, Epson iPrint App (iOS, Android), and Epson Print and Scan App are all parts of Epson Connect (Windows).

Wi-Fi Direct and near-field communication (NFC), two peer-to-peer network technologies that let you connect your mobile devices to the printer without having to connect any of them to a physical network or router, are additional mobile connectivity choices. By pressing your mobile device to the printer’s NFC hotspot, which is in this case to the right of the control panel, you can use NFC to connect it to the printer.

Performance That Is In The Middle

Epson rates the WS-2860 at 7.5ppm for colour pages and 14ppm print monochrome single-sided documents. Using our regular Intel Core i5 testbed PC running Windows 10 Professional, I tested it over Ethernet. I timed it printing our 12-page monochrome Microsoft Word text document at 15.1 pages per minute (ppm), which is a bit more quickly than its 14 ppm rating. The HP 6978 produced documents at a speed of 1.8ppm, whereas its predecessor, the WF-2760, was roughly 3ppm slower and the Brother MFC-J775DW lagged behind by about 5.1ppm.

Then, I added the outcomes from printing our vibrantly illustrated test PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint documents with those from the aforementioned 12-page Word document test to arrive at a score of 7.4ppm. Considering that very few of the printers we evaluate even come close to meeting their manufacturers’ colour page rating, that is just slightly slower than its 7.5ppm rating for colour documents, which is still a respectably fast rate.

Brother’s MFC-J775DW ($129.99 at Staples)(Opens in a new window) was outperformed by the WF-2860 by almost 3ppm, the HP 6978 by 1ppm, and its predecessor by 1.2ppm. While the WF-2860 was substantially slower than most of its rivals, it also, in most circumstances, printed noticeably better-looking photographs. I also printed our two vividly coloured and extremely detailed 4-by-6-inch photos. When I printed on the glossy premium photo paper that Epson provided, that was especially true. While the photographs did take close to 3 minutes to print when I set the print quality to best and the finishing option to borderless, the image quality was superb.

PrecisionCore Printing Excellence

In terms of output quality, Epson’s WorkForce brand inkjets are among the best in the industry. Their unique PrecisionCore printheads, which frequently have smaller, more closely spaced ink nozzles, are largely to blame for this. This pays off by producing text that is compact, well-formed, and extremely legible down to point sizes that the majority of people need magnification to see, and larger headline-size fonts look smooth with no discernible jagged edges.

Additionally, the test Excel figures and PowerPoint handouts had excellent fills, smoothly graduating gradients, and clearly defined hairlines (say, 1 point and smaller). You should be able to produce most business documents, even those meant to impress potential clients, using the WS-2860’s near-laser quality type and exceptional graphics.

As previously said, the WF-2860’s stunning images were very amazing. Based on my tests, they were unquestionable of keeper-quality for family photo albums or perhaps real estate marketing photos. The detail was unrivalled, and the colours were vivid, realistic, and quite beautiful.

For Simple Needs

The WF-2860 is unquestionably a nice little printer with reliable print rates and commendable performance, just like the WF-2760 before it. But its high operating costs severely limit its usefulness for anything other than monthly printing and copying of a few papers and pictures. There are many solutions available if you need a printer with lower operating expenses, such as the HP 6978 with Instant Ink or a model from Epson or Canon. The Epson WorkForce WF-2860 should work well for your small office or home-based business if, on the other hand, your volume requirements are modest but you still need a few high-quality prints and copies each month.

Epson Workforce WF-2860 – Overview

Model is A decent family printer and suitable for beginners with the least experience with sublimation printing. A profound printing technology generates photo lab quality prints and photos. The scanner with 1200 DPI Resolution scans precise and accurate colours. Model is compatible with only Epson-certified cartridges, and low-quality or third-party cartridges can cause permanent damage to the printing machine.

The model is suitable for small office use or home use. An automatic document feeder is a helpful feature but lacks duplex scanning. Further, it has the decent built quality and has a broader output tray extension. Additionally, the single yet extendable input tray enhances the paper’s capacity.

Cartridge ink replacement is relatively easy, and even a person with basic information can replace the cartridges. However, the model is quite bulky and heavy and must be fixed at a particular place for proper functioning. Changing positions often leads to miss-aligned cartridges and printing defects. The black cartridge often drains quickly, so make sure you have more cartridges in stock.

The model also has a 2.4-inch display screen with touchscreen navigation for quick and easy control. The connectivity with the operating system needs installation CDs available in the pack. The device is compatible with Mac-Os/windows.

The model is easy to handle and user-friendly, with an operating system compatible with most devices. Multiple functions like scanner, printer, and copier make it ideal for small office use or in-home use.

  • Low-cost printing
  • Compatible with sublimation inks
  • Decent photo print quality
  • Printing speed is slower than other Epson big printers


For its price, the Epson WorkForce WF-2860 All-in-One Printer prints quite quickly and superbly, but its overall value is reduced by high operating costs.

8. Canon PIXMA G5020 SuperTank Printer

Canon PIXMA G5020


The Canon Pixma G5020 is simple to set up. Add ink after removing some packing tape. To prevent ink from being added to the incorrect tank, the ink bottles feature keyed slots. Since ink flows by gravity, they don’t need to be squeezed. An automatic shut-off valve prevents the tank from overflowing. It is prepared to connect after priming is complete.

The network utility from Canon is quite basic, but it works. In my experience, the utility almost always succeeds in locating the printer. Rare problems are usually resolved by restarting everything. I’ve used the setup tool to repair current printers that disconnect and won’t reconnect.


The B&W and colour print speeds for the Canon Pixma G5020 are both quoted at 13 pages per minute. While the Brother MFC-J995DW is a few ppm slower in black and white, it is a bit quicker in colour. For every colour, the Epson EcoTank ET-2760 prints a few pages per minute less slowly than the Canon. It won’t matter if the pace is off by a few pages per minute. Simply put, sector one printers aren’t that quick. In exchange for the cost savings on printing, this might be a fair bargain.

This won’t be a problem if you’re the kind to send a print job and fetch a cup of coffee. If you’re anything like me, this printer will teach you a little patience. I press print, and I’m ready to grab the paper with my hand at the exit tray.

250 sheets of paper fit in the main tray of the Canon. Only 150 pages can fit in the main tray of the Epson and Brother printers. Canon and Brother rear trays can hold 20 sheets, but Epson’s secondary tray only accepts one sheet at a time.

While the auto duplex is not integrated into the Epson printer, it is for the Canon and Brother. The Canon lacks the ability to scan, whereas the Brother includes a document feeder.

While the auto duplex is not integrated into the Epson printer, it is for the Canon and Brother. The Canon lacks the ability to scan, whereas the Brother includes a document feeder. The Canon Pixma G7020 has a paper feeder if scanning is absolutely necessary. The G5020’s starting price is lower because it doesn’t have scan functionality.


The Canon-supplied applications are useful for making simple adjustments. Despite the fact that this pigment-based ink isn’t particularly meant for professional photographs. Check out this 6-colour Canon mega tank printer, this Epson, or this Canon if printing images is your thing. The quality of the Canon PIXMA G5020 is more than adequate for business colour, photo inserts, and greeting cards.

The fundamentals of printing are fairly well covered by Canon’s print drivers. There are some layout and page setup possibilities. There are several fundamental colour and matching parameters. However, in my experience, switching print parameters, such as turning on print data loss or removing the ICM, works better than manually tweaking the colours.

G7020 by Canon

The display on the Canon is improved over the other models. Even though it only adds one line to make it a two line LED, it’s still something. A 2 line LED is actually not awful since the G5020 only prints. Out of paper or printer, offline notifications will display properly on a two-line LED since you can see the ink levels.

Canon PIXMA G5020 SuperTank Printer – Overview

Canon is amazon’s choice and also one of the sublimation printers best buy. Integrated ink tanks are user-friendly and have mess-free refilling systems. The special nozzles of GI-20 ink bottles ease the refilling and prevent spills or staining. Super tank performs almost equivalent to 30 times better than cartridge ink replacements and reduces the overall cost per print.

The small sublimation printer is suitable for home and office use. It can be placed over the desktop. The model is ideal for high-volume printing of documents and photos regardless of the size. It has an input paper tray with a capacity of 350 pages.

Print capacity is more than enough for primary office and home use. Further, the operation is straightforward. Therefore we enlisted it in the best sublimation printer for beginners.

The printer itself is cheap, and the low cost of printing makes sublimation printing much more affordable. High-yielding photo prints and low-cost, high-quality prints are the exceptional features of the Canon Mega tanks.

The small sublimation printer is suitable for handling high-volume printing on a low-cost printing budget. The quality of photos and prints are admirable and enough for small business and photo editors booths.

  • High yielding Super-tank
  • Low-cost print outs
  • Handle high-volume printing actions
  • Installation and connections take a little more time

Final Thoughts

A practical solution to reduce the expense of colour printing is to use the Canon PIXMA G5020. Additionally, it doesn’t necessarily have to be for printing in large quantities. They function well whether they handle 100 pages or 5,000 pages per month. In many instances, a printer is all that is required. It’s an excellent bargain for what it does and what it costs.

The inkjet printer with the lowest running expenses is a super tank model. Compared to HP’s ink programme or Brother’s changeable tank system, the operational costs are significantly lower.

The upfront costs for the Epson, Brother, and Canon are comparable. They differ significantly, and depending on your preference, one may be more tempting. Only the Canon Pixma G5020 is a wonderful option if you require a printer.

9. Canon PIXMA G6020 – MegaTank All-in-One Printer

Canon PIXMA G6020

Suitable for Small Offices Features

The original generation of G-series MegaTank Pixmas had two significant flaws: a small 100-sheet paper input capacity, and sluggish print speeds. Canon fixed the G4210’s first issue last year by expanding the front cassette to 250 pages and adding a 100-sheet tray to the back of the chassis. The G6020 improves the dismal print rates by raising the monochrome rating from an unacceptably slow 8.8 pages per minute (ppm) to 13ppm.

Numerous Software and Connectivity Options

The G6020 is pre-configured to connect right out of the box to your network, PCs, and mobile devices using Ethernet up to 100Base-T (also known as Fast Internet), Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, or to a single PC using USB 2.0. Additionally, it provides Wi-Fi Direct, a peer-to-peer networking protocol. Canon Print App, which supports Android, iOS, Fire OS, and Windows 10 Mobile, is another mobile option.

Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Mopria Print Service, and Pixma Cloud Link are examples of third-party mobile alternatives. The G6020 also supports Wireless PictBridge for printing from Canon PictBridge-compliant cameras and video, in addition to PictBridge over its USB printer connector, even though it lacks a USB port for printing from and scanning to USB thumb drives.

The extensive software package includes a number of Windows and macOS productivity options. The package comes with PosterArtist Lite and Easy-PhotoPrint Editor, a cross-platform tool that lets you edit, improve, and apply special effects and other filters on your scanned photographs (a Windows poster layout and printing program).

Scan Utility and Scan Utility Lite are also included (Windows and Mac, respectively). A collection of tools for setting up the printer and its network connection includes Master Setup, My Printer (Windows only), and Network Tool. The Quick Menu, a collection of one-click shortcuts that offer quick access to the many functions and capabilities offered by the software and the printer itself, is the last option.

Pixma Print Quality at the Top

The G6020 delivers great print quality, with well-shaped, legible text at all point sizes and vivid, precisely coloured images, just like the majority of the Pixmas products I’ve examined over the previous few years.

I did spot some very tiny banding in a handful of our full-page corporate graphics’ dark fills and backgrounds, though I had to look for examples of this particular problem. In other words, the banding was so slight that it probably won’t be noticed by the majority of recipients of your printed materials. The print quality of the G6020 is excellent, and I have no reservations about utilising it in delicate marketing materials that aim to leave a favourable impression.

Per Page, a Fraction of a Penny

The fact that most of the models covered in this evaluation have exceptionally low per-page printing costs is their main advantage. While running costs for both the Canon MegaTank and Epson EcoTank brands are less than one cent per page, this time around, Canon has managed to get its cost per page (CPP) marginally lower than Epson’s 0.3 cents for black and 0.9 cents for colour. These tiny fractions of a cent per page changes, meanwhile, are insignificant unless you print hundreds of pages every month.

The G6020 comes pre-loaded with three bottles of black ink, which should print up to 18,000 monochrome pages, and one set of colour bottles, which should print 7,700 or so colour pages when combined with the black ink. Contrarily, the similarly priced Epson ST-2000 comes with two sets of each of the four ink colours, which according to Epson is sufficient to print up to 14,000 monochrome pages and 11,200 colour pages. Even though the printer costs two to four times as much as a comparable non-bulk-ink device without all that ink in the box, depending on how much you print—more monochrome or more colour pages—both are terrific buys.

The HP Premier mentioned throughout is one of the Instant Ink subscription services offered by that company, where you pay a flat amount per page rather than a calculated per-page cost based on predicted yields and per-container rates. Each page costs about 2.9 cents with HP’s top-tier 700-page subscription for $19.99. It is important to consider the fact that every page, including letter-size colour papers and photos with 100% ink coverage, costs 2.9 cents. For the same list price as the G6020, the Premier also comes with a free one-year, 300-page-per-month Instant Ink subscription, a $120 savings that significantly lowers the cost of the printer.

Canon PIXMA G6020 – Overview

Canon Pixma G6020 is a sublimation printing starter kit and needs heat press machines for transferring the intermediate sheets prints over the desired printing materials. It can handle mid-volume printing tasks and is suitable for trim-level business or starting up a business of photo printings. Big paper tray and robust connectivity are loved features.

Frontal physical control panels are easy to control and navigate the printing task. Most beginners are not pro at handling the charges; therefore, physical instant controls give them the freedom to operate. Further, it’s compatible with Alexa and works over voice commands.

The easy connectivity and third-party software compatibility make it stand in the list of Best sublimation Printer for beginners with other latest printers. You don’t have to put extra-ordinary efforts to connect the printer with the operating device. A comprehensive software suite is enough to create compatibility with Mac/ Windows and other operational systems.

The entry-level Canon Pixma performs smooth and hassle-free sublimation for beginners level. High-volume prints and maintained quality until the final image with the least cost make it stand out inexpensive printers.

  • Excellent, vibrant print Quality
  • Meager printing cost
  • Utilize maximum inks
  • Lack Automatic document feeder


For home offices, the entry-level Canon Pixma G6020 is a bulk-ink all-in-one printer that delivers great results. And even better, it only costs pennies to use over time.

10. Canon G3200All in One Photo Printer for Cricut

Canon G3200

Little and Lowly

The Pixma G3260 is a small and lightweight printer, measuring 6.5 by 17.6 by 13 inches (HWD) with its trays closed and weighing 14.1 pounds. Its G3200 forebear is the same size as it, although it weighs roughly a pound more. The EcoTank ET-2720 All-In-One Supertank and the EcoTank ET-2760 All-In-One Supertank are two Epson EcoTank competitors that it is comparable in size and girth to. The Smart Tank Plus 651 All-in-One from HP is the closest rival to this Canon printer, and the MFC-J805DW from Brother’s INKvestment Tank range is one of a few entry-level AIOs in this line.

After all fact, the presence of a scanner is what distinguishes a printer from an all-in-one, and the scanner’s efficiency is based on whether it has an automated document feeder (ADF) for handling multipage documents. Like its predecessor, the Pixma G3260 lacks an automatic document feeder (ADF), thus you must scan lengthy documents one page (or page side) at a time. Only the Brother MFC-J805DW and the HP Smart Tank Plus 651 have ADFs among the aforementioned devices.

The fact that many of the cartridge-based AIOs in this price range have colour LCD touch panels is another trait that they all share. However, only the HP has a touch screen, and it’s a monochrome one, of the bulk-ink types described here.

The good news is that you can check ink levels by quickly looking at each colour’s inspection glass on the front of the printer, as seen below, which makes up for Pixma’s outdated, low-tech control panel. On the right side are the ink tanks for cyan, magenta, and yellow, while on the left is the bigger black tank.

Windows with Canon Pixma G3260 ink

You may quickly check the levels of the ink tank using the inspection windows on the front of the Pixma.

The G3260 includes a tray that lifts up and out from the back of the chassis that can accommodate up to 100 sheets of plain paper or 20 sheets of snapshot-size premium photo paper. However, neither Canon nor Epson discloses maximum and recommended monthly print volumes or duty cycles for its consumer-grade inkjets. The Epson ET-2720 and ET-2760 have comparable trays.

Although it doesn’t have a maximum duty cycle rating, the HP 651 can handle up to 100 sheets, and HP has a suggested monthly print volume of 500 pages. While Brother rates the MFC-monthly J805DW’s duty cycle at 5,000 pages and recommends a monthly volume of up to 1,500 prints, the MFC-J805DW can hold up to 150 sheets.

Standard Interfaces and Software Bundles

The G3260’s standard interfaces are 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi for wireless networking and tethering mobile devices and USB 2.0 for connecting to a single PC. A variety of Android and iOS apps, such as Apple AirPrint, Mopria Print Service, the Canon Print app, Canon Print Service for Android, and Pixma Cloud Link, are available for mobile printing.

Sluggish Print Speeds, Excellent Output Quality in the Pixma G3260 Test

The Pixma G3260 prints monochrome pages at a rate of 10.8 pages per minute (ppm), 2 ppm more quickly than the G3200 model from 2017. Using our normal Intel Core i5 testbed PC running Windows 10 Pro, I tested the printer over USB. The Pixma was timed while printing our 12-page Microsoft Word text document as the first test. By averaging the results of multiple runs, I determined its speed to be 11.4ppm, which is 3.7ppm faster than its predecessor and a little faster than its rating. The Canon additionally outperformed the other machines listed here, albeit typically by less than a page per minute (though the Epson ET-2760 managed only 8.9ppm).

The following part of the test required printing a variety of complicated, full-page, colourful business documents and presentation handouts. These include PowerPoint slides with colourful charts and graphs and dark and gradient backgrounds, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with charts and graphs, and Adobe Acrobat documents with embedded images and coloured fonts in various weights and sizes.

I added these outcomes to the ones I got from printing the 12-page text document to get a final score of 3.1ppm. Actually, the HP 651 led the pack at 5.1ppm, making this the slowest of the bunch.

Lastly, I timed the G3260 printing two of our vivid and detailed 4-by-6-inch photos, and it took an average of 47 seconds. That is typical behaviour for a printer in this field. One minute or more was required for each photo only with the Brother MFC-J805DW (1 minute and 4 seconds, to be exact).

Continue printing with the Pixma G3260

The extremely low operating costs of this and all other Canon MegaTank printers, as well as Epson EcoTank and HP Smart Tank Plus models, are unquestionably its most appealing qualities. For example, monochrome pages cost about 0.3 cents each, or less than one-third of a penny, and colour pages cost about 0.9 cents each.

Operating expenses for MegaTank, Smart Tank Plus, and EcoTank printers (with the exception of EcoTank Pro) are comparable enough to make further discussion irrelevant. On the other hand, Brother’s INKvestment Tank AIOs are crossbreeds between the cartridge and ink-tank printers; their ink comes in cartridges that dump into internal reservoirs; they cost a little more to operate, at little under a cent per black page and slightly less than a nickel for colour.

In any event, the Pixma G3260 has some of the lowest operating costs out there. Additionally, Canon sweetens the offer by including two extra black ink bottles, bringing the total amount of possible black pages in the box to 18,000 pages. You should have plenty to do after that.

Canon G3200 – Overview

Canon manufactures innovative and high efficient printers on a low budget. Easy setup and low-profile maintenance make it an ultimate choice for beginners. It can handle the rough handling and can restore to default settings. Further integrated ink tanks ensure a non-stop ink supply for the user. You get notified when the ink is low. The replacement procedure is relatively easy, and anyone can refill the basic ink guidelines using nozzle ink0 in bottles.

The Mega performer has premium features with conventional settings. Hybrid inks generate deep blacks and crisps that contrast vibrant colours.

Cloud 4 allows you to experience mobile printing. You can upload the image/file you want to print on the cloud and command the printer with a mobile app to print the specific file.

The model is a highly affordable sublimation printer from Cannon. Moreover, the easy interface and basic systems enable a new user to attain perfection in the printing business without any obstruction. Refilling, alignment, and paper adjustment with ease prevent the beginner from a chaotic printing experience.

  • Quick printing speed
  • Google cloud compatible
  • Crisps color contrast and deep black color
  • Ink tank refill equals 30 cartridges
  • None


Although slow and lacking a document feeder, Canon’s Pixma G3260 Wireless MegaTank All-in-One nevertheless produces high-quality output at an incredibly cheap running cost.

Buying Guide

Going through all available Best Sublimation Printers for beginners, you might fall into selection paralysis. Although most printers are cheap, selecting one best according to your requirements and demands is very important. So, here is a short guide to evaluating the following factors in a printer before making a final decision.

Factors to look in the Best Sublimation Printer for Beginners


Never buy your first-ever device too expensive. The reason is a beginner handles things irresponsibly. Therefore, keep your budget limited and spend wisely on a product you need.


Look for a printer that has a reliable warranty and support warranty. Because usually printers with meager Warranty needs trained mechanics to fix the issues. The annual cost of maintaining and repair often exceeds the price of the printer. Moreover, sublimation for beginners takes time and practice with trial and error, often damaging essential parts.

Ink Compatibility

The sublimation ink compatibility is a high thing to research before purchasing any sublimation printer. Moreover, check the ink duration and the rate of the replacements or refills in the market. Often, links are available at a low price but run out of stock very soon, which obstructs your printing business.

Print Quality and Cost Per Print

Besides the price of the printer also the cost per print determines the efficiency of the printer. Moreover, the print quality and resolution in dpi also determine the quality of the printed sheets.

FAQ About Best Sublimation Printer for Beginners

Can I sublimate using inkjet printer?

Thermal printers are not compatible with sublimation inks but PrecisonCore Heat-less inkjet printer are compatible with sublimation inks. So, you can use these printers for sublimation printing.

What is a lifespan of sublimation ink?

A high quality dye sublimation ink have almost lifespan of 10 years.

What are the causes of dull sublimation prints?

Sublimation prints need high temperature of 200 degree Celsius and high pressure with heat press to transform the prints on the media surpassing the liquid state. Low temperature or insufficient pressure causes dull color.

Final Words

Sublimation printing generates the most durable and high-quality prints. However, there are two ways: direct sublimation and the other method utilizes the heat transfer with intermediate sublimation sheets using sublimation ink.

All the mentioned printers are the best sublimation printers for beginners, but according to my personal experience of past 20 years, I can shortlist 2 highly recommended for the beginners;

  • WorkForce WF-7710 Wireless Wide-format
  • Canon Selphy CP1300

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