Can You Use a Regular Printer for Sublimation?

Can You Use a Regular Printer for Sublimation

As we know, the matter is found in the three states, gas, liquid, and solid. The temperature turns the concrete into liquid and the liquid into the gases. Do you have any idea that discoveries enabled the matter to directly turn from the solid to the gas state? Yes, it is possible in sublimation technology.

In other words, if we say Sublimation printer converts the dry ink cartridges to the gas ink vapors under extreme pressure and temperature. That is true. So, you can print your image, design, and graphics very accurately on paper, fabric, photo paper, or another medium through this technology.

Can You Use a Regular Printer for Sublimation

Sublimation for beginners, the dye-sublimation printers are the best product to learn about, but they cost a lot when you want only a few prints. Meanwhile, it isn’t easy to manage two printers, one for regular use and the other for sublimation. So, the question raised can you use a standard printer for sublimation?

Luckily, yes, the users can use their regular inkjet printer or laser printers for the sublimation. In contrast, they don’t need to invest extra money to buy a new product that they already have—making hardware and software changes,  like having the best computer for sublimation,  replacing paper and ink, etc. works

Changes vary from computer to computer and printer to printer, like you need sublimation paper for the accurate result of printing, whether few printers print on ordinary papers. Some printers can print on the fabric and objects, whereas the others can print on the papers only.

We are most frequently asked, can you use regular ink on sublimation paper?  No, sublimation paper is incapable of absorbing the traditional ink, so its ends on the mass. For sublimation, you need to replace the standard ink cartridges with the sublimation ink or dye. Otherwise, the print would be useless.

Changing ink doesn’t mean filling the sublimation ink in the ink tank directly, and it will start subliming the paper. No, but flush all regular ink from the typical printer first. Few printers need liquid ink to sublime the products. However, some of the printers need to change the set of cartridges only.

Sublimation Print With Copy Paper

Sublimation Print With Copy Paper

Suppose your old printer is not working well and you want to replace it, we suggest you choose a printer for regular and sublimation use. And check all efficient abilities like ink consumption, the capacity of the ink tank, and internal storage of ink. Try to buy a printer that does not waste a single drop of your ink.

Let’s discuss the software changes. Now, you need to overlayer the best computer program for sublimation printing. You can use the paid application or drivers to enable the service on your operating system. So, try to find the best and compatible application according to your operating system.


Suppose you are a laptop user having no computer, can use the laptop for sublimation without any problem. Just install the application and control all your sublimation art from your high-configuration laptop. So, enjoy your sublimation with the minor investment from your regular printer, computer, or laptop.

Hopefully, we answered can you use a regular printer for sublimation. For further queries, leave your questions in the comment box and kindly give your feedback. Your opinions are precious to us so don’t hesitate to offer suggestions. Thank You!

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