Is The Epson WF 7710 Printer Effective For The Sublimation Industry?

Prints can be produced using sublimation technology on a variety of materials, including paper, photographs, cloth, mugs, and cakes. On plain or sublimation printing paper, the process involves spraying hot air on digital painting. With the printing colors, you get outstanding printing quality whether you use ink cartridges or a sublimation dye. The best inks for printing on paper are few, but a unique dye is needed when printing on cloth.

Epson WF 7710 Sublimation Printer

In order to print on specific sublimation paper and transfer it using heat press technology, you need to use a printer. When using a heat press, the user flips the print over on the fabric before pressing it with an iron. Under pressed, the fabric’s sides evenly distribute heat. The print is carried over to the fabric. It could be a pillow for your youngster or a heavy curtain in your living room.

Nowadays, people are establishing their home offices and shipping their goods from there. So, the optimum moment to print sublimation products is when you are fighting for a chance. sell your originality on the open market. Additionally, if you currently have a home office and want to grow and market your company, you can use the printer to help with the workload.

The most common business trend today is sublimation printing, so if you’re intrigued and want to participate, you’ll need the right printer. The majority of printing equipment and printers are available in the market. That’s not entirely explicit! Correct? For your problem, we recommend the Epson WF-7710 Sublimation Printer, one of the best printers available. Bring out the printer!

Epson WF 7710 Sublimation Printer Review

You might desire to sublimate something in a greater size or scale when doing so, but your printer doesn’t support it, isn’t that right? To help you with this, allow me to share my frank assessment of the Epson Workforce 7710 sublimation printer. Wide format all-in-one printer featuring many superior features.

Epson printers constantly strive to provide more and make their users’ lives easier. The Epson 7710 is an incredible choice for both home and work environment use. The WF-7710 boasts a 4.3′′ color touchscreen that allows you to effortlessly browse the printer’s settings and other features. It also has 4 different inkjet cartridges.

Tech Specifications


  • ISO ppm: 18 for Black & ppm Colour 10 ISO
  • 4800 x 2400 dpi print resolution.
  • There are three minimum ink droplet sizes, the smallest of which is 2.8 picoliter.
  • As inkjet technology demand has decreased.


  • Durabrite Ultra pigment ink has water resistance, smear resistance, and fade resistance.
  • To keep up with ideal printing quality and printer execution, Epson exceptionally exhorts utilizing unique and certified ink.
  • 4 separate ink cartridges
  • Up to 84 Years 10
  • Of print endurance and fade resistance

Sound Level:

 Pressure 48 dB, Power 6.2 B(A) (A)


40.8 lbs.


  • 16 ISO CPM (black) and 8.8 CPM for copying (colors)
  • Copy Excellence Best
  • Number: 1-999 (PC-free)
  • Maximum copy size: 11.7″ X 17″
  • Auto 2-sided copy with a maximum size of 11.7″ x 17″
  • Ability to perform precise operations as well as resize, id copy, collate, changeable density, erase punched holes, and eliminate shadows.


  • Hardware Resolution: 1200 X 2400 dpi Maximum Resolution: 9600 dpi Photoelectric Device: Color CIS line sensor Scanner Type: Color Flatbed and Automatic 2 sided ADF Interpolated \sFaxing: \sFax Speed: Up to 3 seconds per page at modern 33.6 Kbps.
  • Memory: 550 pages maximum
  • Dialing 200 maximum


  • High-speed 
  • Wi-Fi Direct3
  • Wireless (802.11 b/g/n)3
  • USB4 Wired
  • Ethernet (10/100 Mbps)
  • NFC4

General Information:

  • Printer Language: English Display: 4.3″ Color Touch Screen
  • Paper Support without a PC
  • AC 100-240V Worldwide
  • 50–60 Hz is the rated frequency.
  • Recyclable item

Epson WF 7710 Sublimation Printer Features

Wide-Format Printer

The Epson WF-7710’s capability to print in a wide format is among its most significant characteristics. Most individuals find that standard, inexpensive printers do not enable printing on large paper for use in offices, which is an issue. The wf 7710 is therefore ideally suited for printing, scanning, and faxing big sheets of paper with high-quality graphics for office needs.

In keeping with it, this printer features A3 duplex technology, which can print on paper up to 13″ x 19″. Additionally, the 2400 DPI resolution of the graphics is very good.

Don’t worry if the hefty cost of this printer concerns you. Because the majority of printers on the market can print documents up to 13 by 17 inches for the same price.

Large-Format TouchScreen with Simple Navigation

To avoid botching daily activities, it is essential to utilize a printer with a touchscreen that is simple to operate. The WF 7710 sports a sizable coloured 4.3-inch touch screen in this regard. You can send and print images with the AirPrint programme.

It can also be used to link mobile devices and your printer. Large icons make it easy to find and use items on touch displays for printers. Additionally, it avoids errors.

Additionally, there is a very useful and simple self-cleaning option for the print heads on the touch screen. It will assist in preventing printhead blockage.

Connection Possibilities

The Epson WF 7710 printer can be wirelessly connected by using;

l NFC3

l WiFi Direct 

l Ethernet

Simply connect your Epson printer to an Android, iPhone, or iPad smartphone to get started. For regular household duties, you may also attempt voice-activated printing using Alexa.


The Epson 7710’s well-known ability to scan large documents up to 11″ x 17″ sets it apart from competing models. Time is also saved by the two-sided auto document feeder.

The Printing Quality

Epson printers are among those that provide some of the best scanning and printing performance in the global printing market. The Epson Workforce WF-7710 has a maximum print resolution of 2400 DPI, which is twice as high as that of competing all-in-one printers.

Additionally, compared to the bulk of competitors, Epson printers offer stronger, denser blacks and more vibrant colours. In a variety of sizes, this printer will generate magnificent dynamic prints.

ET-7710’s Design and Construction Quality

The WorkForce 7710 is constructed with a sturdy and long-lasting design. To enable unhindered high-volume printing, it contains extra-large ink cartridges containing a lot of ink.

The output tray can hold roughly 125 sheets of paper at a time. The feeding tray may hold 250 pages at once. Additionally, it includes a back feed for a specific paper.

The base of this printer is solid, preventing any scratches from occurring when it is being moved.

Additionally, it is a wide-format inkjet printer that prints with ink cartridges. The capacity of the auto document feeder is substantial.

Printing Speed

The Epson WF 7710 is a quick printer. It can print black-and-white pages at a speed of 18 ISO ppm and colour pages at a speed of 10 ISO ppm. It is therefore perfect for small office or home office productivity.

Epson ET 7710 Running Costs of Printers

When choosing a printer, one must also take these costs into account. Despite certain concessions in graphic quality, many Epson printers are inexpensive to operate. You could think about the Epson ET 7710 in this case.

However, the Epson WF 7710 has a rather high operating expense. Go for it if you are the type of person who will not compromise on the printing quality or any other aspects of the product. since it is worthwhile.

Sheet Capacity

250 papers can fit in the feeding tray.

Sheets in output tray: 125

Electricity Usage

You won’t have to worry about paying bills when utilizing WF 7710. Because it can save up to

80% of the cost is for electricity.

Ecologically Friendly

HP continues to lead the market in environmentally friendly printers and ink, despite Epson’s advancements in high-quality prints. In general, the newer printers will consume less electricity than your older models. Printing can improve your mood while having a minimal negative impact on the environment.

Using an Epson 7710 as a Sublimation Printer

l Connect the printer

l Choose a language

l Install the ink cartridges in the printer only to verify that it is functioning properly.

l Then select the print head nozzle option from the maintenance bar in settings. Print something on paper. To begin, click.

l On paper, the printer will produce some artwork. The printer will then ask if the artwork matches an image on the computer; you must respond appropriately.

l Go to the touch screen of your printer now. Follow the same steps as before. Navigate to settings, select maintenance, pick “ink cartridge replacement,” and then push start.

l Fill the cartridges with Epson-compatible sublimation ink before placing them in the printer.

l Replicate step #4 and press Start.

l It will now produce sublimation prints on paper when printing. Before applying it to the objects, try it on a sample.

You don’t need anything more to turn the Epson WF 7710 into a sublimation printer.

The printer is unable to print

The first thing you should do when the Epson 7710 won’t print is to check the ink cartridges. The printer won’t print if you have issues with even one ink cartridge, which could be caused by a non-Epson cartridge or a low ink volume. Consequently, you must swap out your ink cartridges. Of course, there might be additional factors, but you should first look internally before contacting Epson customer care.

Epson WF-7710 & 7720 Ink Cartridge Replacement Procedures

To replace the ink cartridges in an Epson wf-7710 or 7720 sublimation printer, follow these instructions:

The first step is to turn on your printer and identify the cartridge that needs to be changed. An ink light that flashes serves as a signal.

Open the ink chamber cover in step two.

Step 3: Raise the lever to unlock the ink cartridges.

Step 4: Carefully remove the empty cartridge(s) from the stack. Watch out for spillovers. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water if you get ink on them. Never shake the cartridges or exert excessive effort.

Step 5: Place the fresh ink cartridge in the appropriate slot. Insert it without exerting any force. Shake vigorously to agitate colour pigments that have settled before installing. Remove the ink cartridge and re-insert it as described in the ink check light is still ON.

The Sublimation Print has Lines Flowing Through It

Banding is the term for the lines that run through a sublimation print, which are often black or white. Clogged print head nozzles are the primary cause of print line issues. Additionally, there may be additional causes.

Advice for Fixing Print Lines That Run Through Prints

You can eliminate banding in prints using the techniques listed below:

  1. As previously stated, perform a nozzle check to clear the print head nozzles. Clean the print head if required.
  2. Verify that the paper you loaded fits the printer’s paper type settings.
  3. Verify that the printable side of the transfer paper is correctly inserted into the printer. Compared to the incorrect side, the printable side is glossy and slightly shiny or lacks grid lines.
  4. Turn off your printer if you have it set to print at a high pace.
  5. Replace the ink cartridges if none of the aforementioned measures worked.

Printer Parameters with Sublimation Transfer Paper

Go to Paper or Media Type Settings on your Epson printer to configure it for heat transfer printing. You must use Plain Paper or Bright White Paper in this situation.

Never pick a matte or ultra-premium glossy paper. You’ll end up using a lot more ink than necessary as a result. It can cause your transfer to bleed.

Click Photo, then select the mirror image to flip the graphic so that it prints directly on the substrate for high-quality photographic printing.

You Can Use the Following Advice to Repair Grainy Prints

The sublimation printer produces grainy prints for a variety of reasons, including moist transfer sheets, printing on the incorrect side of the paper, or using too much ink.

Additionally, you can raise the image resolution to maintain a high level of image quality. The most important thing is to improve image resolution at the same rate as image size.

Additionally, you can use the following advice to repair grainy prints:

  1. Make sure the transfer paper’s right side is loaded.
  2. While keeping the high-speed print setting off, choose the high print quality options.
  3. To check for clogged print heads, do the nozzle check.
  4. Before printing, check the image resolution.

Check your printer ink levels, clean your ink cartridges, and printhead if your Epson printer prints the wrong colours. The printer driver can be uninstalled and then reinstalled.

How to Fix a Printer That Prints in the Wrong Colours

To correct Epson wf-7710 and 7720 printing inaccurate colours, use the following techniques:

You might have outdated print cartridges. You must swap them out. Ink cartridges have a shelf-life of two to three years.

Sometimes the colours on your screen and in print might not match. Use a colour management mechanism in your printer software in this situation.

Run a nozzle check one last time to see whether the print heads are clogged.

Features that Set the Epson WF 7710 Printer Apart From Competing Printers

  1. Easy navigation and control thanks to the 4.3″ colour touchscreen.
  2. can print without a border up to 13″ x 19″
  3. Compared to other laser printers, the Epson 7710 Printer uses 80% less energy.
  4. It includes a tray that can hold 250 pages at once, an output tray that can hold 125 sheets, and a rear feed for specialized paper.
  5. Printing, scanning, copying, and faxing automatically on both sides.
  6. There is also wireless printing available; you may use it from any wireless device as well as one that supports Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and NFC.
  7. The 7710 Epson Sublimation Printer can perform two-sided and large-scale scans simultaneously.
  8. 18 ISO ppm (black) and 10 ISO ppm (colour) are the printing speeds of this sublimation printer (other colours).
  9. For high-volume printing, this Epson sublimation printer offers extra-large ink cartridges.
  10. ideal for use at home or the office.
  11. With this incredible Epson printer, voice control and hands-free printing are both feasible. Just ask Alexa to print your documents, to-do list, or anything else you want, and you’re done!

Epson 7710 Sublimation Printer Conversion

  • It’s not at all difficult to convert an Epson 7710 printer to a sublimation one; you simply need to follow these instructions carefully.
  • Activate the Epson 7710 printer.
  • Choose English as the language.
  • To test and ensure that the printer is functioning properly, install the original ink cartridges first (Must do Step).
  • Follow the Ink installation procedure (you may do it yourself; it’s not difficult).
  • When it prompts you to send a fax, click “Close,” then “Settings,” “Maintenance,” and “Print Head Nozzle.” Verify and Click Start after inserting some paper.
  • When the printer asks if the artwork you received on paper matches what is seen on the screen, you should respond appropriately.
  • Go to the printer’s screen, select Settings, Maintenance, then Ink Cartridge Replacement before pressing the Start button.
  • Sublimation Ink Cartridges are the next section, and you need both Sublimation Ink and Cartridges for it. Get the Best Sublimation Ink Conversion Kit for Epson WF-7710 by clicking the image below.
  • Fill the cartridges with ink, then insert them into the printer.
  • To finish, repeat step 5 from the Go to the settings menu.
  • Because old ink traces may be still present, it’s best to clean them on samples or testing rather than on your original artwork. Print some samples 2-3 times with new sublimation ink in your Epson printer.
  • You only need to make these settings and adjustments in the Epson WF-7710 printer for it to become a sublimation printer.

The Epson WF-7710 Sublimation Printer: How Do I Use It?

The WF-7710 printer makes borderless wide format prints up to 13″ x 19″ and can scan documents up to 11″ x 17″. A flexible insert includes a back feed for technical paper and a tray that accommodates up to 250 sheets to meet and increase office efficiency.

A 4.3′′ colour touch screen is also included with the WF-7710 Sublimation Printer for simple navigation and setting adjustment. Both wired and wireless networks can connect to it. Wide format all-in-one printing has been added, along with automatic 2-sided document or paper scanning, printing, copying, and faxing—even in large quantities. It provides the Epson WF 7710 an extra advantage over competing printers.

Comparing the Epson wf-7710 and wf-7720 Sublimation Printers

The following are the main variations between the Epson wf-7710 and wf-7720:

Paper Tray:

The Epson 7720 has two paper trays with a capacity of 500 sheets each as well as a rear feed tray for specialized paper. While the Epson 7710 has a rear feed tray for specialized paper and a single tray with a 250-sheet capacity.

Printer Height: 

The height difference between the two printers is the only additional, arguably small distinction. Epson 7720 is somewhat more expensive than Epson 7710.

In addition, all other features and capabilities remain the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where would one We find an Epson 7710 sublimation conversion kit?

Amazon is the greatest location to buy it.

What is the ideal Inkjet printer for sublimation?

If your requirements are in line with the specifications and features of Epson Workforce WF 7710, then maybe the finest choice.

Are sublimation printers Epson Workforce 7710 available?

It’s not a sublimation printer, though. However, by utilizing sublimation ink and Epson-compatible ink cartridges, you may convert it to a sublimation printer.

Why isn’t the black printing on my Epson wf 7710?

First, make sure you are using genuine Epson ink. Next, check the settings. Third, the print head nozzle may be clogged; if so, check that as well. Finally, if nothing else works, remove the ink cartridges from the Epson 7710, shake them a little, and then replace them. Then, run some print head nozzle checks 2-3 times, and your issue should be resolved.

How can I print without borders using my Epson 7710 printer?

The procedures below can be used with an Epson 7710 printer to produce prints without borders:

Open the image that you wish to print first. Choose the “print” command in your application.

Choose borderless paper from the list of paper types in the options section. then press “ok.”

Final Verdict

The Epson workgroup wf-7710 sublimation printer is a complete solution for your sublimation business, to sum up. Large paper sheets may be printed using a wide format printer significantly more quickly.

This printer assures to give the greatest quality in printing, scanning, and faxing by enabling high-resolution graphics. Finally, if you have any more questions about the Epson 7710 printer, please post them in the comments area.

You can further convert Epson wf-7710 and wf-7720 printers even if they aren’t dye-sublimation printers by default. Additionally, a lot of print shows and product decorators saw excellent success with this printer.

A specialized sublimation printing company that is worthwhile of your time becomes too simple for an experienced or novice when you get a multi-purpose printer at a lesser price.

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