How Does Sublimation Printing Work? – The Ultimate Guide (2022)

Printing on versatile materials is a real fun. You must have heard about sublimation printing in the field. Hence, knowing Sublimation Printing and How Sublimation Printing Works will help you create special designs without losing the budget.

What is Sublimation Printing and How Does Sublimation Printing Work?

Basic of the Sublimation Process

Sublimation printing is a special process in which any design or image is printed on paper and then that particular image is transferred on any material like fabric. The image or design becomes part of the fabric. Logos, images, or any text can be printed on shirts using heat and ink.

Ink is converted into the gas at a specific pressure and heat until the color disintegrates into the fabric. In this process, the ink particles are vaporized and converted into a gas directly. Then, the required image is transferred to any other material from the sublimation paper.

Process of Sublimation

Cost of Sublimation Prints

The process costs more than other printing methods but it has a benefit over others in that it lasts longer. Logos do not fade in this kind of printing because the design is not printed on top of the fabric rather the design becomes a part of the fabric. A sublimation paper is used which is also called transfer paper. With the help of this paper, the Logo, image, or design is transferred on the material

Sublimation business-Over the Horizon

This process has been widely used to print garments in the past few years. It is becoming a very popular and profitable business. If you want to do business, you have to create templates.

To get familiar with printing machines and the whole process, you have to read the guidelines given below in this article. Once you become aware of simple printing, it will become easier to do it on fabrics.

How Does Sublimation Printing Work?

How Does Sublimation Printing Work?

Heat is a very important factor in the process of sublimation printing. It merges the ink in the fabric molecules and makes the ink a permanent part of molecular structure.

In starting, any design or logo that you want on any material is printed on a special paper called sublimation paper or transfer paper. Solid particles are directly converted into a gaseous state without going through the liquid state in sublimation.

The same is the case with this printing method. The inks of different colors are converted into gaseous form by using heat (400 degrees). Then from the paper, the design is transferred to the fabric by applying pressure.

Controlled pressure and heat are used, and ultimately we get attractive digital print on our chosen products. Both things work simultaneously, as heat converts solid particles of ink into gas and open the pores on the fabric while on the other side controlled pressure cools down the ink on the product and converts the ink into a solid form.

The effect of this process is permanent and gives a print of unlimited vibrant colors. The design or image will not crack from the surface. The print we get in sublimation is not like the other prints because it is not just laying on top of the fabric. The ink is embedded in the fabric.

Polyester textiles, Ceramics, Polymer-coated plastic materials can be used on which sublimation printing can be done. On fabrics, many different kinds of designs and logos can be printed.


There are many advantages to this method of printing. Some of them are listed below.

  1. It produces more variant colors than other methods.
  2. You will not feel that something is printed on your fabric because the ink becomes part of the fabric, giving it a soft feel.
  3. The print will not fade or crack. This issue mostly occurs in other printing methods.
  4. Sublimated shirts are custom made so it doesn’t go out of style. There is no problem with inventory or fashion trends in this business.
  5. Unlimited colors can be produced, and any complex design can be transferred on the material.

Wrapping Up!

Sublimation printing is the best choice for those who want attractive colors and quality printing on their products. It is a very profitable method and has great advantages as compared to other printing methods.

The simple process of sublimation is used in this method by using controlled pressure and heat. This economical method includes one expensive part which is buying the heat press. However, it is affordable to many people.

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