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A DIY crafter yourself? Do you enjoy crafting? Have you tried using Cricut but were stuck for ideas? Today, we will offer our advice on using Circuit’s Print then Cut technology to create stickers. It is very quick and simple. The Cricut “Print & Cut” feature lets you make personalized stickers from your artwork.

How to Make Stickers With Cricut Print Then Cut Feature

You can sell handmade stickers in your store that are excellent presents! They work great for labelling pantry items and craft supplies.

If you’re still not sure, ask yourself, “Does Cricut print?” The short answer is no. Only cutting is possible with the Cricut machine. You need a printer in addition to your Cricut to print and cut.

Calibrate for Print then Cut

Calibrate for Print then Cut

Equipment Needed To Create Stickers With The Cricut Printing Machine


Cricut Machine

Explore Air 2 or the Cricut Maker should be used. Because it does not support print then cut, we are unable to use the Cricut Joy in this situation.

Equivalent Printer

It can be any best printer for Cricut. An inkjet printer is advised because it can print stickers on thick sheets.


Adhesive/Sticker Paper

It must be sticker paper that is printable. Depending on your needs, you can purchase glossy paper, matte white printable vinyl, or Cricut brand products. Some extra-thick paper might not pass through printers without sticking.

Sticker Image or Sticker Sheet

What you want your printed sticker to look like is a sticker image. Within Design Space, there is already a built-in image pack, but you can also upload any image or sticker sheet of your preference from just about any source.

How or when to Create Print Stickers as well as Cut Them

Listed below are the comprehensive instructions for utilizing a Cricut to create more personalized Print Then Cut stickers.


Step 1: Make the Image File

Download an image file for a sticker sheet. Alternately, create your sticker sheet image using an initiative like Design Space, Illustrator, or Procreate.

Make the Image File

Step 2: Upload the Sticker Image to Cricut Design Space

Open Cricut Design Space first. On the main canvas, click the Upload button after creating a new project. To import your sticker design, locate your image file and click Upload Image.

You will be prompted in Cricut Design Space to select the image type. I seldom select a Complex image.

Click Save as a Print, then Cut Image, on the following screen. If you want, you can give the image a name and tags. Next, click Save.

Subsequently, to add the image to your Canvas, click Insert Image.

Upload the Sticker Image to Cricut Design Space

Step 3: Print the Picture

You may have to resize the image even before it appears on the canvas to make it compatible with Print then Cut. If the image is too big, scale it down until it fits within the printable area that is no larger than 6.75′′ by 9.25′′.

Fill your inkjet printer with sticker paper. (I place the sticker paper face up in my printer. To be safe, make sure to check again with your printer.)

Then, in Cricut Design Space, click the Make it button. To print the sticker design, click Continue, Send to Printer, then Print.

To get the best print quality out of your machine, you can switch the Use System Dialog to access more sophisticated printer settings.

Print the Picture
Print the Picture

The printed sheet has a solid black rectangle from around the design’s boundary, which you can see. This seems to be credible. These printed black lines will be used by the Cricut machine to help it position itself properly so it can cut the design.

Print the picture settings.

Step 4: Predefined Materials

Select your material by returning to Cricut Design Space. Choose “sticker paper” from the material drop-down menu if you’re using sticker paper from Cricut, or “washi” if you’re using sticker paper from Avery. (For users of the Cricut Explore, remember to turn the dial to Custom to access this option.)

You may need to adjust your material settings depending on whether you want to create “die cut” stickers or “kiss cut” stickers (the Cricut only cuts through the top layer, leaving the backing sheet intact) (meaning the Cricut cuts through both layers to create separate stickers). Throughout most situations, a “washi” or “sticky note” setting will result in a “kiss cut,” but depending on your materials, you might need to tinker with the settings.

Predefined Materials

Step 5: Fill the Mat

On the Light Grip blue mat, place the printed sticker paper. Aim to align the page as closely as you can to the upper left corner. Use your hands or a brayer tool to spread the sticker paper out evenly. To insert the mat into the Cricut cutter, press the flashing arrow button.

Fill the Mat

Step 6: Cut the Stickers

You ought to notice the Cricut icon button beginning to flash once the mat has been inserted into the device. The machine is now prepared to cut out the stickers, so this indicates. To begin the cut, press the C button.

The Cricut will start moving around your paper to scan the black registration lines, as you will see. It will begin to cut after it has scanned the paper.

Cut the Stickers

Step 7: Remove the Stickers and Unload the Mat

Whenever the cut is complete, the Cricut machine will instruct you to remove the loaded mat. To unload the mat, press the flashing arrow button.

If you want to create “die cut” stickers, you may want to make sure the cut has gone all the way through before removing the mat from the machine. You can try it again if it hasn’t already.

After cutting is complete, take the mat out of the cutter and peel the stickers off of it. You can now use your stickers!

Remove the Stickers and Unload the Mat

Try this if your sticker sheet is ripping or curling as you try to peel it off: Then, peel the mat away from the sticker sheet by flipping the entire mat upside down onto a clean work surface. Using this method will prevent the stickers from curling!

After that, if you made a “kiss cut,” you can take the cut stickers’ outer layer of sticker paper off. The backing sheet will then be attached with precisely cut stickers that are prepared for use.

Remove the Stickers and Unload the Mat

Advice for Printing and Cutting

When setting up a “Print then Cut” project, keep the following in mind:

Picture Size

A warning icon will appear in the Layers panel on the right side of your screen if the image you are trying to Print then Cut is too large. Try again after reducing the image to 6.75′′ by 9.25′′ or less.

Picture Bleed

Your image will automatically be given a “bleed” in Cricut Design Space, which is an additional border that extends past the cut line. The printed image might appear fuzzy and have a fuzzy edge as a result of the bleed. Fear not; the extra border will be removed during the cutting process.

You can safely turn off the bleed if you are producing stickers with a white border.

Materials Selection

Put the printed sticker paper in the cutting mat’s upper left corner. Try to line up the top edge with the mat’s grid lines. Make an effort to make the sticker paper straight and smooth. The Cricut machine will be better able to read the sensor marks and make precise cuts as a result.

Finish the project in a single session

Try to finish the entire process in one go for the best outcomes. Access Design Space using the same computer and browser. By doing this, you can generally prevent printing issues, registration issues, and cutting errors.

Advice for Printing and Cutting

Fixing Problems with Print Then Cut

Projects created with Print Then Cut occasionally don’t turn out as planned. Check out some of these troubleshooting suggestions and frequently asked questions if that’s the case.

Several things should be checked if your Cricut is unable to read the cut sensor marks. The following are some of the causes for your Cricut’s inability to correctly read the cut sensor marks for your Print Then Cut projects:

  • excessive direct or glaring lighting
  • improper mat placement or material placement
  • Material that is shiny, patterned, or smudged

It might be necessary to calibrate your Cricut if the cuts don’t match the image. Select Calibrate from the menu, print the calibration sheet and calibrate your machine for Print Then Cut.

It’s possible that it’s necessary to calibrate your Cricut if the cuts don’t match the image. Select Calibrate from the menu, print the calibration sheet and calibrate your machine for Print Then Cut.

You may need to change the pressure settings if the Cricut cuts through the backing sheet. Reduce the cutting pressure so that the Cricut cuts through the sticker layer but leaves the backing layer intact to create a “kiss cut.”

If you are using sticker paper from the Cricut brand, the “sticker paper” setting ought to result in a “kiss cut.”

When you’re using a different brand of sticker paper, you’ll probably need to apply less pressure to create a “kiss cut.” Choose a different custom setting, such as “sticky note” or “washi,” or try changing the pressure setting to “less.”

Get the No Cost File

To make your Print then Cut stickers at home, don’t forget to download my free Botanical Sticker Sheet file.

Greater Cricut Ideas

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Brief Instructions:

  1. Download an image file for a sticker sheet. Alternately, create your own sticker sheet image using a programme like Design Space, Illustrator, or Procreate.
  2. Cricut Design Space should receive the sticker image. To add the image to your Canvas, select Insert Image.
  3. Fill your inkjet printer with sticker paper. To begin the Print Then Cut project, click the Make it button. Send the image to print using the Cricut Design Space dialogue box.
  4. On the Cricut mat, put the printed paper. Place the mat inside the device. Press the button to cut the stickers after selecting the appropriate material settings.
  5. Remove the stickers and unload the mat.

Video Tutorial for the Cricut Print & Cut

Alright, so press enter below to start the full 10-minute tutorial video on how to use the print then cut feature. And Check out the following video:

Please let us know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below.

FAQs About How to Make Stickers With Cricut Print Then Cut

What Cricut setting should you use to create stickers?

Cut Options: Make use of the Premium Fine Point blade (this is the blade that comes installed in the machine). Explore: Set the “Sticker Paper” option on the Smart Set dial to “Custom.” Choose “Browse all materials” on the Maker, then choose the “Sticker Paper” option.

Which one Cricut add-ons do you need in order to create stickers?

You’ll require:

  • Either the Cricut Maker or the Cricut Explore
  • Printer
  • Vinyl or sticker paper that can be printed (I used vinyl)

Use scissors or a paper cutter (optional, to trim

How do you use a Cricut to cut already printed images?

Image outcome use your home printer to print the page, then lay the paper on the cutting mat and feed it into the Cricut cutter. The device will precisely cut around the image after scanning for the sensor marking.

The Verdict

Make adorable stickers with the Cricut print and cut feature to adorn notebooks, tumblers, accessories, favour bags, and more! Watch the video to find out whether printable vinyl or sticker paper are preferable for use on water bottles.

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