Inkjet or Laser: Which is best for photo printing?

Usually, people capture a photograph to record a special moment or store a memorable event in photos. Before, people used the early photographic camera to recall the memory later. We take selfies and pictures with digital cameras and store them on a PC, laptop, or mobile phone in this era. But what if you desire to display your photo in the form of a hard copy? You need to print it first. Let’s compare laser photo printing with inkjet in this guide.

As time passed, the early photographic camera turned into a digital camera. However, photo printing has overcome photo development technology. Therefore, photo printers emerged in the market, and multiple technologies of printing came into being. Giclee printers, inkjet printers, and laser photo printers are an example of such printing technologies. Today, we will open the debate on Inkjet vs. Laser Printer for Photos.

Inkjet vs. Laser: Comparison

Inkjet vs. Laser


Inkjet technology represents the low-cost inkjet printers for the multiple purposes of printing. But if you evaluate the photo inkjet vs. inkjet cost per page, you will find it is costly due to its expensive ink cartridges. Whereas laser technology offers the costly and best laser printers for photos, you will be surprised to know it is cheap when you evaluate a laser printer per page printing cost. And its photo paper enables the user to get the best result.

Cost Of Print Medium

Expensive roll of laser printer photo papers cost lead your discussion to the new directions. Hereafter, Laser printing is a dry printing technology that needs a particular paper for photo printing or sublimation. Photo paper owns the capability of absorbing the laser printing particles perfectly. So, users cannot print on ordinary paper with such perfection. For sublimation, laser printing is one of the best options.

Cost of Ink

Printers Ink

The best inkjet printer can give you the printing perfection on ordinary papers that costs low. Moreover, such printers come at low prices. The only thing that the printer cost more were ink cartridges and sublimation dye. Inkjet printers spray the liquid ink on the paper to print the photos or designs on the paper. Using the sublimation ink, people can print on the fabric by an ordinary inkjet printer.

Versatile Printing Medium Compatibility

For sublimation, you can have an ordinary inkjet printer that prints your design on paper, and you can transfer it to the particular medium you want. Such as a t-shirt, scarf, or handkerchief. Whether the laser printer helps you print the design directly on the fabric, ceramic utensils, and other objects. So, you can print your photos and selfies on your clothes and bags. For sublimation, both printers work efficiently. For the Best Laser Printer for Photos, click here. 

Final Words

If you ask about the results, both printers are unique in the sublimation approach, but the laser printers give a more accurate result. For commercial use, laser printers are best for sublimation because such printers can have the load of work and offer the best production quality. However, if you want to buy a budget-friendly printer for a small office or personal use, you can have an inkjet printer for sublimation to have print on the paper and transfer the photo on the object.

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