Sublimation Ink Vs. Pigment Ink – Know the Difference Before you Buy

When it comes to T-shirts and other garment printing, most people choose between Pigment ink or dye sublimation ink. Overall the perfect choice between Sublimation Ink Vs. Pigment Ink significantly depends on the best outcome.

Sublimation Ink vs Pigment Ink

Comparing-Sublimation and Pigment Ink

The selection of suitable ink is essential to get the desired results. The textures of both inks vary from object to object. One wrong step can ruin the whole work. It is necessary to consider the printing ink for the printing work. For this, it is important to know the difference between the two.

Facts about Sublimation Ink

Sublimation Ink
  • Sublimation ink is commonly used for Sublimating garments and other textile products.
  • The sublimation ink is made up of synthetic and natural resources.
  • It is water-soluble and estimated to last longer than other dye-based inks.
  • The Sublimation ink gives bright and Excellent photo colors. The print stays intact without cracks and lines even after washing it with water.
  • The ink contains a combination of colors i-e Cyan, Magenta, Yellow Overcoating. The overcoating protects the prints from air and moisture.
  • Sublimation ink is also used in inkjet printers as it works brilliantly on them. Sublimation ink is good for printing documents like PVC cards, photo paper, and papers.
  • Dye sublimation ink is used in textile printing with heat transfer. Sublimation ink is used in printing ceramics, metals, fibreboard, polyester-made surfaces, and other materials.

Facts about Pigment Ink

pigment Ink
  • Pigment Ink comprises granular color particles, which gives it a pink color. The colored particles are composed of molecules with tight bonding. The bonding in the particles makes them stable.
  • The ink is less absorbent to moisture and stays intact. The ink does not absorb on the printed surface but remains the same on the surface.
  • The pigment ink is waterproof and more durable than sublimation ink.
  • Eight different colors are available in the list of pigment ink.
  • It is best to use cotton fabrics instead of polyester ones.
  • It works efficiently for paper printing. For better adhesiveness, a heat press or inkjet printer is needed.

Peculiarities of Sublimation Ink

Nothing can beat Sublimation Ink in printing use. Sublimation ink is a choice for printing in various fields due to its durability. It is a dye formula specially designed for Sublimation printing

Sublimation Ink

However, the choice varies according to the object and print needed. Here are some good-to-know facts about Sublimation ink.

  • Compatible with polymer and non-polymer material
  • It gives an effective, brighter, and sleek look to the print
  • Excellent adhesiveness
  • Easy to use in sublimation printers
  • Waterproof
  • Overcoating protects the prints from getting dun and cracked
  • Economical
  • Provides multiple colors
  • Less durable than pigment ink
  • Requires specific printers
  • Requires polymer-based materials for printing
  • Sublimation ink suits only light-colored fabrics

Peculiarities of Pigment Ink

Pigment ink works on materials like papers, polyesters, and fabrics. It absorbs less on the fabric surface, and solid pigments remain on the fabric surface. Pigment Ink is used in industries for professional work.

pigment ink

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using Pigment Ink in printing.

  • Cheaper than Sublimation ink
  • Pigment printers can be easily found to use them
  • Adhesive to many surfaces
  • Stable than other dyes
  • Suitable for natural fabric like cotton
  • Resistant to light as particles reflect it back
  • Less bright and vibrant prints
  • Detailing is missing while using Pigment ink
  • Can clog printer reducing the usage time
  • Metamerism is common in pigment ink

Which one is better, the Sublimation ink or Pigment ink?

Sublimation ink vs. Pigment ink is a commonly asked question. But the fact is that both the inks have excellent results while used for specific purposes. In the printing market, Sublimation ink is in demand because sublimation printing is now a general printing method. On the other hand, the adhesive quality of Pigment ink for various materials makes it preferable.

Why choose sublimation ink?

  • Materials with sublimation ink are recyclable.
  • It is best because the prints with sublimation ink are durable and last longer. The print with sublimation ink does not fade with time and with washing.
  • To maintain the level of prints on the industrial base. Sublimation inks are preferable to use.

Why is the pigment ink better?

  • Pigment ink is widely demanded in textile printing.
  • Pigment ink gives excellent results for photographers using the black and white theme.
  • It is also best for banners and brouchers as the pigment particles on the surface reflect the light.
  • Hence, the print stays intact and does not fade when exposed to light and washed.
  • Moreover, Pigment ink can be used on many surfaces rather than only polyester surfaces.

Final Words

The Sublimation ink vs. Pigment ink difference is difficult to understand. An expert’s opinion about each of them is necessary to get the best results on your products.

The selection of the right printers depends solely on the user’s demands and the user’s purpose. For standard and classical printing, pigment ink is suitable. However, one works with textile industries, versatile medium printing, and t-shirts printing, and then sublimation ink is the best option.

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