What is Sublimation Printer Cricut (Ultimate Guide)

Every beginner in the printing business wants to learn something more about sublimation. If you are here for the same reason, then you have come to the correct place! Moreover, every detail about sublimation is discussed in this article. Therefore, at first, we try to know what sublimation is.

What is Sublimation Printer Cricut

What Do I Need to Do Sublimation Printing with a Cricut?

It is the unique process of going directly from a solid to a gas without converting through the liquid stage. The ink on the paper in a solid-state, when warmed up, turns into gas. Then it gets pervade in the transfer product. After when it gets cool, it solidifies back into a previous form on the product. Everyone will love to see the result.

On the positive side, the vibrant colors stay longer, and the fabric stays sloppy. No one will judge the difference between the fabric presentation that is dyed or sublimated. Now you can understand the theory behind sublimation. It transfers as dehydrated sheets of tie-dye that after applying high heat-dye things as per your requirement.

Furthermore, anyone can make cute labels for reused jars and unique stickers for laptops indeed. However, you can create some new designs for tote bags. If you make one piece of art with this sublimation process, you will love to repeatedly use this expensive piece of equipment.

You will see excellent results by using infusible ink products that you can use in the Sublimation Printer Cricut cutter. After that, it transfers with heat the ink onto plane objects like T-shirts and papers. If you like neatness in your work, then the infusible ink concept is tremendous for you. Every creative person will love to look into sublimation printing.

The things that we need for Printing

The main two things that you need are

1 – Printer

2 – Something to press with heat

1. Printer

Sublimation Printer

Now the main thing that you need to buy is a sublimation printer. These printers have been specially designed for this. In contrast, anyone can also change regular inkjet printers for this work. If you don’t want to spend money on a sublimation printer, you can convert a standard printer to get rid of these expenses. 

Printer Types

Generally, there are two kinds of printers to convert:

  1. Ones that use an ink tank
  2. Ones that use more conventional cartridges

If you prefer easy and convenient use, then ink tanks are best. There is a variety of printers in the market, but I personally like the Epsom ET family. The Epson ET-2720 printer is reasonable in price with the concept of the use of the ink tank. Therefore, you have a small size of printer that would not be an issue. You can cut the pieces and merge them as per your need.

At the start, smaller projects on this printer will create big magic. On the positive side, if you are using the Cricut, you can precisely cut different pieces and images then together with them on a larger project.

2. Heat Press

Another vital thing is the heat presser. There are many types of heat presses that you will find in the market. Cricut Easy Press is best for a flat piece of objects. In general, people use the upper plate to have a heated and stationary lower plate and a large iron surface area.

My recommendation is to go with the plate-type heat press because it is very convenient to use. The heat press plate has a higher range temperature, and the lever will apply the needed pressure on the object. It takes less space and is convenient to transport anywhere if you want. In Cricut Easy Press, the high heat of 360 degrees has always conveyed the ink onto my project very skillfully.

Other Objects for the Project

Sublimation Printer

As shown above, we talked about two main things: the printer with ink and the heat press. Besides, we need some other stuff that mentions down.  

Paper: A special sublimation paper is better for your project, but many people use copy paper to create good results. While the piece is not much costly, I suggest you try both documents and see the difference.

Butcher Paper:  This is an essential piece of object used to sandwich your project between the heat press plates of the printer. It defends the heat press from getting any ink on it, namely.

Heat resistance tape: to avoid any slip or slide of your project, this tape is helpful to hold your project jointly on the butcher paper. 

Object to print:  T-shirts, tiles, ornaments, or something that has been coated for sublimation printing. You can allow using any object that is suitable for printing.

Tweezers: For the safe side, tweezers are used to lift your project that will be very hot. You can pick sublimation printed paper from the tweezers and check if you need more heat to apply.

Wrapping Paper cutter: You can use the cutter for your ease to cut the big and large rolls of butcher paper.

Various Projects with Sublimation Printing

You can do your projects by using many things, and we mention below some objects for your projects, such as:

Home Decor / Photography 

Beautify your walls by using canvas or wood printing for wall decor.

Polyester Fabrics

Now decorate your towels, Garden flags, pillows, sheets, etc. You are going in wearable items, and then you can polyester-made things like scarves, T-shirts, headbands, ball caps, and bandanas.

Blank Substrates 

You can do various projects on Poly-treated materials. These are specially designed for sublimation printing, for example, cell phone cases, ornaments, mugs, coasters, puzzles, wood plaques tiles, mousepads, bookmarks, glass, etc.

Difference Between Cricut and Sublimation Printer

As we know that Cricut machines are just cutting machines, and they do not have any printing properties. Instead, Cricut Infusible ink sheets come on a clear liner. If the negative space is picked over, it uncovers an adhesive that supports keeping the cut design in place while pressing. While the Sublimation paper is self-weeding, it will shift only printed areas to the substrate when applied heat and pressure. 

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