Heat Transfer Paper vs. Sublimation Printing – Which is Right for You?

Customers demand the best printed or designed clothes for themselves, and they’re beloved once. Such clothes look very fashionable with beautiful prints and trending designs. For instance, children love to wear garments with Iron Man or Thor pictures. Hereafter, adults prefer to wear shirts with sweet selfies or trendy messages. Whether corporations need a brand’s logo on the shirts visible for their worker’s identity and brand promotion, in other words, the sublimation profession serves the consumers very best.   

Cloth decoration is one of the most demanding professions that enabled the experts to introduce sublimation machines. Like sublimation and heat transfer, printing technology makes your t-shirts more lively and beautiful. Moreover, you can print the mug and plates of the ceramic through this technology.

Sublimation Printing vs Heat Transfer pr

Here is the discussion to compare the Sublimation Printer vs Heat Transfer printers and help you to choose the best sublimation product. Click on the link for Sublimation Printers.

White and Colored Background

Sublimation heat press printers usually print designs on the white fabric, t-shirt, or light-colored background because you cannot print the white color. In contrast, the heat transfer technology works well on dark and light backgrounds, and it prints all colors, whether they are light or dark. Limits of Sublimation printer vs. Heat transfer printer is shorter because it can print on the 100% polyester or 80 to 60% polyester coated product, but heat press prints all mediums.

Printing Action Time

The sublimation printing process is slightly simple and less time-consuming than heat transfer because the sublimation occurs directly on the product. However, the heat transfer needs the paper to print the design first. In the Sublimation printing process, the solid ink turns into gas at a high temperature. Ascertain the fabric or paper absorb the ink, the system cools down, and the gas ink turns into solid ink, and the design stays at the product for an extended period.

Transmission Process

In contrast, the heat transfer printing sprays the ink droplets on the paper and transfers them through the temperature and pressure. In comparison to the sublimation vs. heat transfer technology does not last for long on the fabric. As you wash it, you will observe the cracks and tears that become part of the design at every wash. Instead, you can choose a light-colored background for sublimation printing that lasts long.

Final Words

Do users ask that can I use sublimation ink on heat transfer paper? It depends on the technology of the printer that you are using. If you are using the inkjet printer, you can have any sublimation paper, but it is compulsory to buy heat transfer paper if you follow heat press technology.

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