Epson EcoTank ET-2720 for Printing with Dye Sublimation

There are not that many printers on the market that use big super tanks to store ink instead of conventional ink cartridges. Among the numerous Epson products that are currently available seems to be the et 2720 Supertank printer for sublimation.

Because it provides a number of sophisticated functions that can be utilized to develop your business and increase profitability, the Epson Supertank et 2720 sublimation printer is the best and perhaps most reasonable approach for utilization inside the home and workplace.

Photographers, print companies, and product designers frequently choose the Epson ET-2720 Sublimation Printer. Many people are forced to take the cheapest option, and that is totally acceptable. The inexpensive Epson printer will help you get excellent results. The Epson et-2720 sublimation printer consumes up to 80% less energy than laser printers. So let’s go through the sublimation printers that are accessible for novices and experts alike in more depth.

Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Printer for Sublimation

Epson Ecotank ET 2720 Sublimation Printer Review

The printer is packaged carefully in a box, and it is nicely protected with tape and pieces of plastic. The printer, ink, guide, and other little components like a wire are all visible once you open the package.

The next step is to set everything up, and once you are done, you can start using the printer for sublimation printing. If you wish to sublimate using an Epson Ecotank et 2720 printer, do not forget to install the sublimation ink and refillable cartridges in the printer.

The Epson printer’s wireless Wi-Fi connectivity enables you to print from any location in your house or office. This function works with your smartphone, tablet, and laptop.

People who use the Epson Ecotank et 2720 for sublimation occasionally experience problems with fading or light colour print quality. This is caused by the settings for your printer and paper. Make sure your printer is configured to the appropriate paper specifications and that you are using premium sublimation paper.

Printing For a Penny

You will pay 0.3 cents for a black page and 0.9 cents for a colour page when using the ET-2720 as an AIO under the Epson EcoTank brand. Additionally, the ink cartridge comes with enough ink to print 6,000 pages in colour or 7,500 pages in monochrome.

These figures are very comparable to those for Canon MegaTank printers, which come with three bottles of black ink (enough to print up to 18,000 pages of black text) and 7,700 prints of colour.

Simple All-In-One

Even while the Epson EcoTank ET-2720 lacks some bells and whistles, it prints and copies single pages inexpensively, which is all many families and home offices truly require. However, if your workplace tends to print more frequently, it’s worth investing a little more money in the Editors’ Choice Canon Pixma G6020, which has a larger paper capacity and a more robust feature set. But the ET-2720 is a good choice for straightforward, infrequent print jobs at home.


To assist you in beginning, an inexpensive sublimation printer!

Something You Enjoy

Excellent prints of a great calibre!

You can start using sublimation printing on a budget!

Something Offends You

To adapt this printer for sublimation printing, some effort is required.


With the Epson EcoTank-2720, you can start printing sublimation materials at a great price.

Fantastic sublimation prints are produced by the ET-2720. You can immediately begin using sublimation printing with the ET-2720 printer.

Epson ET 2720 Printer Specifications

Although the Epson et 2720 printer has a long list of features, we’ll highlight a few of the most significant and appealing ones that set it apart from similar products.

  1. The printer uses inkjet printing technology, which makes it possible to produce designs or images that are more vivid and colourful.
  2. The printer features a big supersized ink tank rather than cartridges and can definitely be utilised for sublimation. You are able to print for longer than normal thanks to this.
  3. It employs a distinct micro piezo heat-free technology that generates clear images and particularly text, therefore it has exceptional print quality.
  4. It is an all-in-one sublimation printer with the ability to scan and use Skype. It features a scanner and a copier built in.
  5. The Epson brand offers a 2-Year warranty on the printer.
  6. The Epson ET 2720 sublimation has excellent connectivity possibilities. It features wired and wireless connectivity options. It also offers voice-activated printing technology in conjunction with that.
  7. This printer can insert and print sheets up to the following sizes: 4″ x 6″, 5″ x 7″, half letter, letter, executive, A4, legal, and user-definable sheets up to 8.5″ x 47.2″.

Reviews From Customers

Customers are pleased that they are spared the expense of having to refill ink cartridges. The EcoFit ink bottles, which are simple to insert and use significantly less ink, must be filled in its place. Additionally, they appreciate the ample ink supply for a two-year period and the company’s warranty. Additionally, they discover that the print quality is significantly greater than that of other printers at a cheaper price.

Some people who are unfamiliar with printers find it difficult to operate, however it comes with a manual that makes it simple to use. Customers who purchased it for domestic use are happier.

Which Inks are Offered?

One of the most well-known and premium sublimation inks on the UK market is Ink Tec Sublinova Smart ink.

In DTG printers that utilise Epson Micro Piezo print head technology, they also provide the possibility of being used as direct-to-garment ink.

Sublinova Smart ink, which is made for Epson printers, enables users to heat transfer images onto the majority of synthetic fabrics.

These materials include spandex, nylon, sublimation plates and slates, polyester, ceramic mugs, spandex, and a wide variety of other sublimates.

The images made with this ink are extremely crisp and have brilliant colours.

Unparalleled black transfer provided by the black ink yields unmatched monochrome reproduction.

Additionally, this will get rid of any ugly brown or orange tones on your sublimated items.

Sublinova Smart inks give unrivalled print quality with the added benefit of avoiding clogging your printer head thanks to Ink Tec’s “dispersed technology.”

Although it was designed primarily to function with DX4 and DX5 printheads, extensive testing has shown that it works just as well with TFP heads and other Micro Piezo systems.

Additionally, SubliNova Smart ink is a product that is environmentally beneficial.

Additionally devoid of VOCs and formaldehyde, not just ROHS compliant.

The Oeko-Tex® Association has also awarded these inks with the distinguished Eco Passport.

In addition to obtaining Oeko Tex certification, our Inktec Sublinova Smart inks had been confirmed to be EN71-3 safety compliant after passing EN71-3 testing.

Kindly visit the following link to get more details and the certificate

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In What Type of Sublimation Paper is Contained?

Depending on the kind of printing you intend to produce, our conversion kits come with a selection of sublimation papers. We provide these options:

This paper is a low-release sublimation paper that works best with substrates with hard surfaces, such as metal and ceramic. Style 120gsm A4 (100 Sheet Pack).

This is our All-Purpose sublimation paper, Versa 115gsm (A4 (50 Sheet Pack). Versa has a hybrid covering that provides exceptional ink release while also being fast dry. As a result, this paper can be applied to substrates with both hard and soft surfaces, such as ceramic, metal, MDF, PU leather, and the majority of polyester-based fabrics.

This high-release (HR) paper is best suited for fabric substrates and comes in a 50-sheet pack. providing unmatched ink release Fabric HR is our preferred option for t-shirts, cushion covers, and tote bags since it creates vivid and bright transfers on all polyester-based materials.

The Trio Bundle option picks a pack containing all three of the aforementioned papers. Perfect for clients that want to print the highest quality on a variety of substrates.

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What Should I Take Into Account Before Buying an Epson ET 2720 Printer?

There are numerous things to take into account when purchasing an Epson ET 2720 printer. Your shopping experience will be improved thanks to these factors. In the end, the product will satisfy you, and the user experience will be joyful. This printer differs from others that use standard ink cartridges. Because of this, there aren’t many things to look at carefully before purchasing.

Epson Ecotank ET 2720 Achievement PERFORMANCE

Epson did not design this printer with sublimation in mind. Despite the fact that it is used for sublimation, the results are just astounding.

This printer is made more superior and expensive by the inclusion of characteristics like high definition print quality, quick printing speeds, and bulk printing. And you can picture the outcome and quality of those prints when all these elements are applied to sublimation.

A tank of ink is used instead of cartridges in the Epson eco tank et 2720 printer, which is a cartridge-free device. Due to their size and the fact that there is a separate tank for each colour (CMYK), you may save a lot of ink and labour by not having to refill them constantly.

As a result, it works well with many types of paper, including A4, executive, 4″ x 6″, and many others. Additionally, it may be used to print on a variety of papers, including plain, glossy, white, matte presentation paper, and many others.

Epson Inkjet Performance

The ET-2720 is a typical modern inkjet printer capable of producing high-quality output. It accurately and attractively reproduced the text in our test documents with well-formed characters, legible spacing, and kerning down to around 6 points, which is more than sufficient for the majority of the home-based workplace, family, and student assignment papers.

Excel charts, graphs, and other graphics were likewise printed with little to no reproduction faults, but I did occasionally see light streaking in some of the more complicated gradients and darker backgrounds and fills. However, the majority of these ink dispersal flaws were, once again, not particularly severe and were only apparent when I specifically searched for these problems.

Pictures also showed out along with decent detail and were accurately and brightly coloured. Even though the ET-2720’s photographs weren’t quite as good as some of the best Canon and Epson five- and six-ink photo-centric AIOs and single-function printers, most of them were more than adequate for family portraits that would be worth keeping.

“Converting” an Epson ET 2720 to a Sublimation Printer


Black, Yellow, Magenta, and Cyan are the four ink bottles included with the Epson Ecotank 2720 printer. Each of the bottles has a unique lid that only fits into the associated ink tank. Each ink bottle will be emptied, thoroughly cleaned, and then filled with the appropriate sublimation ink.

Remove the cap from the first ink container. Holding the top, gently unscrew the lid. Although you will hear some clicking, the lid should just pop out.

If you want to keep your ink, pour it into an empty bottle. You could always just throw away this ink, but I use it in a different ordinary Ecotank printer.

Sublimation Ink Bottle

Use the remaining three ink bottles and follow the same procedures.

Then, only wash each bottle in warm water.

*Be careful not to mix up the ink top with the appropriate ink bottle.

Make sure the water is fairly clean and that you have removed as much of the ink as you can. Although I discovered that a small amount does remain on the lid’s top, I did not bother about it.

Dry the bottles entirely in the air. I used my blow dryer on a low setting to expedite this process.

fill your bottles with sublimation ink

It’s time to fill your bottles with sublimation ink when they have had a chance to dry.

This same correct sublimation ink colour should be put into the ink bottle. The inner seal of the Printer’s Jack sublimation ink has been vacuum sealed before being packaged.

Every bottle should have been fully filled. To release the ink, gently squeeze the Printer’s Jack bottles.

With each ink bottle and sublimation ink

With each ink bottle and sublimation ink, repeat the same steps.

You are ready to fill the tanks once you have added sublimation ink to all 4 ink bottles.

ink tank

You should unplug and turn off your printer.

The steps to fill them with ordinary ink are exactly the same as those in the printer’s accompanying instructions. Open the lid of the appropriate ink tank after removing the lid from one ink. The ink bottle should be standing vertically after having the cap placed on the filling port. The sound of ink entering the tank will be audible. Squeeze the bottle only once! Wait for the tank to fill up; once it is full, it will shut off automatically.

The black tank is full when it reaches the upper line, as shown in the image below. Replace the lid on the black ink bottle after removing it.

Follow the same procedure for each additional colour until all ink tanks are filled.

every ink tank is full

Once every tank is full, connect your printer to a power source and turn it on.

You will load paper, arrange your print heads, charge your inks, and connect it to your computer.

These procedures are identical to the written instructions that came with your printer in every way. To complete the configuration, refer to those.

Following the completion of these processes, your Epson printer is prepared to print using sublimation ink. Then start printing.

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Using the Epson ET-2720 as a Dye-Sublimation Printer

It is simple to switch your brand-new Epson ET2720, which comes with Epson ink, to a dye-sublimation printer. Simply take out the ink that is already there and replace it with sublimation ink bottles.

If you’ve previously been using Epson ink and need to convert, the procedure has changed slightly. The EcoTank must have already filled ink removed using nozzles. We advise cleaning the tank with water after entirely removing the ink. Once it has been cleaned and the sublimation ink has been inserted, dye-sublimation printing can begin.


Very affordable pricing per print.

Fast printing speed.

Low long term cost.

Small and light in weight.

High page yield in black and colour.


Maximum Print Size of 8.5″ x 14″

You have to use Epson ink and pages

Has a flatbed scanner only.

Buying Guide to Purchase Epson Ecotank ET 2720 Printer


As was previously indicated, the owners of the printers make money by selling ink cartridges rather than printers. With this printer, it’s completely the reverse because it uses less ink and costs less money. Because of their exceptional performance and ink-saving features, these printers are therefore somewhat more expensive than a standard printer. Overall, it suggests that it is more a one-time investment that will result in future financial savings.


The ET 2720 will produce good prints for you.

Simple to be Using:

Our printer will have to be modified for sublimation.


Numerous resources for Epson printer assistance

Needs for printing:

If you work in an office or require printing for personal use, you should be aware of your demands. Compared to printing for business, you don’t need to print as many pages for home use. Additionally, the Epson 2720 is the printer to use if you are a professional who needs to create flags, canvas, and other banners utilising dye-sublimation printing. On the other hand, because it uses less ink and prints well, it is also appropriate for use at home.

Using ink:

Epson EcoTank 2720 would be supplied with Epson ink, which cannot be used to print sublimation images. You must swap out the ink that has already been filled with sublimation ink for dye-sublimation printing. The conversion is very simple, and the steps for removing already-filled items and replacing them with sublimation ink are covered.

Work or Room Space:

Because of its tiny size and appealing appearance, which makes it simple to store, it has a compact design. You must take into account your workspace or, if you want to use it at home, your room space. While some printers require a lot of space to install, its small size makes it simple to store anyplace in the home or office.


To keep it running well, a typical printer needs a lot of maintenance every so often. If not, both their performance and durability suffer significantly. As a result, you must take maintenance into account. Consider purchasing Epson ET 2720 if you don’t want any issues, since its upkeep is automatic and handled right after turning on. In addition, unlike ink cartridges, replacing ink bottles is easy and comfortable.

Expense Each Page:

Because of the electricity and ink used, printers are all about spending money while printing every page. Purchasing a printer is simple, but maintaining one when printing a large volume of pages daily is challenging. Therefore, the printer must be less expensive per age. This characteristic is well-known to the Ecotank 2720.

FAQs About Epson EcoTank ET-2720

Which sublimation ink works best with the Epson 2720?

Some of the best sublimation ink for the Epson 2720 include Cobra Ink, Cosmos Ink, and InkOwl.

We utilise dye-sublimation printing because…

On polyester fabrics, we utilise dye-sublimation printing to create prints.

Which Epson ink is used for sublimation printing?

The Epson sublimation ink is called UltraChrome. High-density black, cyan, magenta, and yellow are the accessible colours. The ink has a quick drying period.

Final Thoughts

For family use, the Epson EcoTank ET-2720 is adequate. Although it has excellent page yields and an incredibly cheap cost per print, it is missing an automated document feeder for efficiently scanning multi-page documents. While it creates images of a nice enough quality to mount on a fridge, there is some banding in the grayscale, and the yellows aren’t very vibrant. Unfortunately, we also experienced a clogging problem that required multiple attempts to resolve before we could print once again. As a result, this printer needs regular maintenance to prevent clogging.

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